Darcy Quinn says Llaneros let Union Magdalena win due to problems with Fortaleza | Colombian Soccer | Betplay tournament

So much has been said about the scandal of Unión Magdalena’s 1-2 victory against Llaneros, in the anticompetitive way that the locals allowed themselves to win and promoted their rival’s promotion to First A, that at this point few explanations sound far-fetched. Up to now.

According to journalist Darcy Quinn, the scandalous images that have gone around the world, literally, are due not to a match-fixing, as has been speculated since the weekend, but to a simple act of revenge, an evil that wanted to do the Llaneros players to damage Fortaleza.

“Some players have begun to speak, to give their version and what they have said is the following: that there was no money involved, that there were no requests or pressures. What happened was something spontaneous, “said the journalist on La FM.

“In Llaneros they say that the people of Fortaleza think of themselves as a better family, superiors. In general, they fall very, very badly. They have been rivals, “he explained. Strange theory, but it is worth mentioning that the case was under discussion this morning at the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, a meeting that included Dimayor and the Ministry of Sports, which would explain that the journalist, an expert in other types of issues, is advancing now details of the scandal that touches football.

His explanation apparently goes to an act that exonerates Unión Magdalena: “When the game was going to end and the Llaneros players realized that with that result, Fortaleza would rise, as they decided, among some of them, that they better help to the Union before their enemies ascended, Fortress. And that’s how they said it: ‘Go ahead, you score before these hps go up,’ ”Quinn said.

According to her, her sources assure that “it is a totally credible version, that it is true that there are differences, that it is true that there are rivalries and that it is true that the two teams do not like each other. But there are others who say that this story is not eaten, that there was money involved. The authorities are going to investigate and listen to these versions, but what the Llaneros players are saying at this moment is it was a human, spontaneous act, simply one of revenge, “he concluded.

In effect, the case is in the hands of the Dimayor Disciplinary Commission, a sports body that has the power to rule on the case. At the meeting at the Prosecutor’s Office, they tried to find out if there were merits for the opening of an investigation for possible private corruption. However, if this singular theory turns out to be true and it was just a revenge for Llaneros because he dislikes Fortaleza, the case would not prosper before the courts and in the end the punishments could be reduced to fines, without the Union seeing jeopardizing the promotion he achieved in Llaneros house.



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