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On the basis of the Infection Protection Act, the Senate has designated 53 prohibited zones in which the setting off of fireworks, crowds of people and staying are prohibited – they may only be crossed. In addition, there are three other pure firecrackers prohibition zones, which are based on the General Safety and Order Act.

1. Area Alte Frankfurter Allee / Siegfriedstrasse / Lichtenberg train station, bounded by Siegfriedstrasse 212, intersection Frankfurter Allee / Gudrunstrasse and Frankfurter Allee 233

2. Area old town Köpenick, bounded by Lange Brücke, Dammbrücke, Katzengrabensteg, Amtsstraße and Müggelheimer Straße

3. Spandau old town area, limited by Am Juliusturm, the Havel, Stabholzgarten and Altstädter Ring

4. Annemirl-Bauer-Platz area, limited by the intersection of Sonntagstrasse / Lenbachstrasse, the intersection of Neue Bahnhofstrasse / Simplonstrasse, the Ostkreuz S and regional train station, the intersection of Lehnbachstrasse / Revaler Strasse, the intersection of Lehnbachstrasse / Simplonstrasse

5. Area Bahnhofstrasse / S-Bahn station Köpenick, limited by the intersection Mahlsdorfer Strasse / Am Bahndamm, Borgmannstrasse, Puchanstrasse, the intersection Bahnhofstrasse / Annenallee, Hämmerlingstrasse

6. Brandenburger Tor / Tiergarten area, bounded by Scheidemannstraße, Ebertstraße, Lennéstraße, Tiergartenstraße, Hofjägerallee, Großer Stern, Spreeweg, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee (Except for the stay ban in this area are the respectively authorized participants, participants and guests of the event “Celebrate at the Gate – New Year’s Eve at the Brandenburg Gate (Berlin Welcome 2022) “)

7. Breitscheidplatz area, bounded by Budapester Strasse, Europa-Center, Tauentzienstrasse, Kurfürstendamm, office building Kurfürstendamm 11, Kantstrasse

8. Drachenfliegerberg area (Kleiner Teufelsberg), bounded by the crossing Tannenbergallee / Heerstraße, Teufelsseechaussee, the Grunewald

9. Falkenhagener Feld area, bounded by Radelandstraße, Hohenzollernring, the Deutsche Bahn AG railway line, Wolfshorst, Reckeweg, the Berlin / Brandenburg border

10. Frankfurter Tor area, bounded by Petersburger Strasse 2/4, Frankfurter Allee 1/2, Warschauer Strasse 7/8, Karl-Marx-Allee 140/143

11. Gesundbrunnen area, bounded by Badstraße 6, the junction Badstraße / Brunnenstraße, Behmstraße 28, Swinemünder Brücke, Hanne-Sobeck-Platz, Brunnenstraße 105

12. Area Heerstraße North, bounded by Cosmarweg, Maulbeerallee, Blasewitzer Ring, allotment gardens Hasenheide, Meydenbauerweg, Meesterweg, field area Aufstall

13. Hermannplatz area, bounded by the intersection Urbanstrasse / Sonnenallee, the intersection Hasenheide / Karl-Marx-Strasse

14. Hermannstrasse area, limited by the crossing Hermannstrasse / Allerstrasse, the crossing Hermannstrasse / Siegfriedstrasse

15. Huttenkiez area, bounded by Rostocker Straße 13/41, Beusselstraße 27/61 to 12/78, Turmstraße 58/63, the intersection Huttenstraße / Rostocker Straße

16. Area Johannisthaler Chaussee / Fritz-Erler-Allee (Gropiusstadt), bounded by Fritz-Erler-Allee 50/53, the crossing Fritz-Erler-Allee / Lipschitzallee, the crossing Lipschitzallee / Kölner Damm, the crossing Kölner Damm / Johannisthaler Chaussee, Johannisthaler Chaussee 263

17. Karl-Marx-Strasse area, bounded by Hermannplatz, Neukölln underground station

18. Area KottbusserTor / Kottbusser Damm, limited by the intersection of Kottbusser Tor / Adalbertstrasse, the intersection of Kottbusser Tor / Skalitzer Strasse, the intersection of Kottbusser Tor / Reichenbergerstrasse, the intersection of Kottbusser Damm / Hermannplatz / Urbanstrasse / Sonnenallee, Hohenstaufenplatz

19. Leopoldplatz area, bounded by Maxstrasse, Schulstrasse, Müllerstrasse, Nazarethkirchstrasse

20. Lichtenberger Brücke area, limited by Frankfurter Allee 248 / opposite to 263/266

21. Märkisches Viertel area, bounded by Calauer Strasse, the intersection Calauer Strasse / Senftenberger Ring, Senftenberger Ring, Uhlandstrasse, Wilhelmsruher Damm, the intersection Wilhelmsruher Damm / Finsterwalder Strasse, Finsterwalder Strasse, the intersection Finsterwalder Strasse / Clauer Strasse

22. Mauerpark area, bounded by Gleimstraße, Gleimtunnel, Am Falkplatz, Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark, Eberswalder Straße, Wolliner Straße, Graunstraße

23. Mehrower Allee area (Marzahn Nord), bounded by the intersection of Mehrower Allee / Blumberger Damm, the intersection of Mehrower Allee / Märkische Allee

24. Modersohn Bridge area, bounded by the intersection of Modersohnstrasse / Revaler Strasse, Modersohnstrasse 33/34

25. Monbijoupark / James-Simon-Park area, bounded by Oranienburger Strasse, Kleine Praesidentialstrasse, the Spree, Monbijoustrasse

26. Oranienplatz / Oranienstrasse area, limited by the crossing Moritzplatz / Prinzenstraße, the crossing Oranienplatz / Dresdener Straße, the crossing Oranienplatz / Legiendamm, the crossing Oranienplatz / Leuschnerdamm, the crossing Oranienplatz / Naunynstraße, the crossing Oranienstraße / Skalitzer Straße, the crossing Oranienplatz / Erkelenzdamm, the crossing / Segitzdamm

27. Potsdamer Platz area, limited by the intersection Ebertstrasse / Vossstrasse, the intersection Bellevuestrasse / Auguste-Hauschner-Strasse, the intersection Leipziger Strasse / Leipziger Platz, the intersection Ebertstrasse / Alte Potsdamer Strasse, the intersection Potsdamer Strasse / Varian-Fry-Strasse

28. Potsdamer Strasse / Kurfürstenstrasse area, limited by Potsdamer Strasse 105/116 to 117/130, Kurfürstenstrasse 26/155 to 33/149

29. Potsdamer Strasse / Lützowstrasse area, limited by Potsdamer Straße 65/80 to 79/92, Lützowstraße 20/95 to 25/88

30. Potsdamer Strasse / Pohlstrasse area, limited by Potsdamer Strasse 93/102 to 105/116, Pohlstrasse 46/53 to 62/75

31. RAW terrain area, bounded by Revaler Strasse, Modersohnstrasse, Deutsche Bahn AG railway site, Warschauer Strasse

32. Reinickendorfer Strasse 84 area (Maxhöfe), bounded by Reinickendorfer Straße 79 to 87, the publicly accessible courtyard of the houses Reinickendorfer Straße 82 to 87

33. Roederplatz area, bounded by Weißenseer Weg, Herzbergstrasse, Möllendorfstrasse, Paul-Junius-Strasse

34. Rosenthaler Platz area, bounded by Weinbergsweg 2/27, Torstrasse 118/119 to 131/132, Rosenthaler Strasse 1 / 72A to 2/196

35. Area of ​​the skater facility Falkenberger Chaussee / Vincent-van-Gogh-Straße, bounded by Falkenberger Chaussee, Vincent-van-Gogh-Straße, Warnitzer Straße

36. Simon-Dach-Kiez area, bounded by Grünberger Strasse, the intersection of Modersohnstrasse / Gärtnerstrasse, Revaler Strasse, Warschauer Strasse

37. Sonnenallee area, bounded by Hermannplatz, Treptower Straße

38. Spandauer Neustadt area, bounded by Hohenzollernring, Falkenseer Damm, the Havel

39. Sparrplatz area, bounded by Sprengelstrasse, Sparrstrasse, Lynarstrasse

40. Thermometer settlement area, bounded by Celsiusstraße, the crossing Celsiusstraße / Fahrenheitstraße, the crossing Réaumurstraße / Celsiusstraße, the allotment garden area Celsiusstraße

41. Traveplatz area, bounded by Travestraße, Jessnerstraße, Oderstraße, Weichselstraße

42. Treptower Park area, bounded by the Spree, the intersection of Alt Treptow / Bulgarische Strasse, Bulgarische Strasse, Am Treptower Park, Elsenstrasse

43. Eberswalder Strasse underground station area, limited by the confluence of Schönhauser Allee / Topsstraße, Pappelalllee 5A / 88, the intersection of Danziger Straße / Knaackstraße / Lychener Straße, the confluence of Schönhauser Allee / Kastanienallee, Kastanienallee 9/100, Eberswalder Straße 19/31

44. Area underground station Nauener Platz, limited by the intersection Reinickendorfer Straße / Liebenwalder Straße, Schulstraße 40/103 to 41 / opposite Reinickendorfer Straße 52/74

45. Area of ​​the Seestrasse subway station, limited by Müllerstrasse 135 / opposite to 40B / 138, Seestrasse 43/95 to 46 / 93A

46. Volkspark area on Weinbergsweg, bounded by Veteranenstrasse, Brunnenstrasse, Weinbergsweg, Fehrbelliner Strasse

47. Warsaw Bridge area, bounded by the confluence of Helsingsforser Straße / Warschauer Straße, the underground station Warschauer Straße

48. Warschauer Strasse area, bounded by the confluence of Helsingsforser Straße / Warschauer Straße, the intersection of Warschauer Straße / Revaler Straße, the Frankfurter Tor underground station

49. Wasserstadtbrücken area, bounded by Rauchstrasse, Daumstrasse, Pohleseestrasse, Hugo-Cassirer-Strasse

50. Weitlingstrasse area, bounded by Frankfurter Allee, Lückstrasse

51. Werner-Düttmann-Siedlung area, bounded by Urbanstrasse, Jahnstrasse, Hasenheide, Graefestrasse

52. Wismarplatz area, bounded by Weserstraße, Gryphiusstraße, the crossing Wismarplatz / Boxhagener Straße, the crossing Wismarplatz / Grünberger Straße

53. Wrangelkiez / Görlitzer Park area, bounded by Skalitzer Strasse, May-Ayim-Ufer, Am Oberbaum, Schlesische Strasse, Vor dem Schlesisches Tor, Cuvrystrasse, Görlitzer Ufer, Görlitzer Strasse, Wiener Strasse

Three more firecrackers prohibition zones:

It is also forbidden to set off fireworks in designated pyrotechnic prohibition zones on the Alexanderplatz, im Steinmetzkiez/Pallasstraße as well as in the field of JVA Moab. These three prohibited zones are based on the General Safety and Order Act (ASOG).



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