“Catastrophic leadership”: Union President sees “country in complete chaos”

“Catastrophic Leadership”
Union President sees “country in complete chaos”

Dirk Zingler is angry about the outgoing federal government’s crisis management: The president of the Bundesliga soccer team Union Berlin attested the last Merkel cabinet a “catastrophic leadership”. Zingler sends a special tip in his anger speech to the south.

Union Berlin’s club president Dirk Zingler has again massively criticized the outgoing federal government’s corona policy. The 57-year-old said in a conversation with media representatives in front of the Bundesliga club’s general meeting that evening: “I would like clear leadership. Crises must be managed and communicated well. We won’t do any of that. If the Bundestag does something majority decides, and it becomes the law. Then it is so. But we are in total chaos. ”

Zingler hopes for a fresh start with the new government. “That’s what I wish for – without knowing that it will get better,” added the Union boss, who is known to be very opinionated. From his point of view, the shifting of responsibility onto people, organizers and entrepreneurs is almost unbearable, said Zingler. He spoke of the prime ministers’ press conference and regulations three weeks later that no longer contained anything that had been said at press conferences. “Our country is in a catastrophic state because it was run and communicated catastrophically,” said Zingler.

In the afternoon, after Zingler’s tirade, the Prime Minister’s Conference adopted a new guideline: a maximum of 15,000 spectators are allowed in the arenas of the Bundesliga on the coming match days. In regions with very high numbers of infections, large events are even to be canceled or at least ghost games are to be implemented in sports.

“Clown from Munich”

Not all country chiefs went this decision far enough. Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer criticized the fact that the entire Bundesliga does not initially take place without fans in the stadiums. “The sport is a role model,” said Kretschmer after the deliberations. In Saxony there will be ghost games, announced the CDU politician.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder was also disappointed. After the Corona summit, there was a downer in bitterness for him, said the CSU chairman. This is that there was no final agreement on ghost games in football. “We are sticking with it, we think ghost games make sense, we will also implement that in the Bavarian cabinet,” said Söder.

Zingler had a special tip ready when he went south when he spoke of the “clown from Munich”. However, when asked whether this was Markus Söder, Zingler did not want to answer. Above all, the Bavarian Prime Minister had called for nationwide ghost games for the Bundesliga this week.

The fact that the Unioner’s city derby even took place in front of a sold-out crowd in the An der Alten Försterei stadium on November 20 had astonished others, even when 2G conditions prevailed. It was only advised to wear a mask. The ultra fans of the Unioners and Herthaners had boycotted the game because only vaccinated and recovered people were allowed into the stadium. Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller has now asked the Bundesliga clubs to voluntarily consider giving up spectators.




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