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Basketball: The Federation listens to the OCB and retakes the mandatory tests

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The voice of the Unicaja Banco Oviedo Baloncesto has been heard and the Spanish Federation has modified the health protocol due to the barrage of infections from the sixth wave of the coronavirus. In summary, the federative body establishes the obligation to carry out antigen tests 72 hours before the matches, if only one is played that week, or two weekly tests if there are scheduled matches every three or four days.

In the case of detecting positives, clubs must carry out a contrast PCR test and notify the result at least 24 hours before the match is played. After the confirmation of a case, the members of the staff who have presented the vaccination certificate and their antigen test has been negative may continue training, performing a new antigen test after 48 hours. Those who are not vaccinated should stay out of the group and carry out a PCR at 48 hours, being able to reintegrate with their companions if they test negative.

This point is precisely where the OCB doctor, Paco Callejo, disagrees, who on the other hand applauds the taking of measures that he himself had proposed to the federation. “The unvaccinated would have to have much more restrictions because we have seen everything, people with incubation of 21 days, people with symptoms that do not give …”, says Callejo. In fact, right now the club has a player with symptoms but who continues to test negative, a roommate of the positive one that the squad maintains.

Oviedo Basketball is going beyond the new protocol set by the FEB, which in principle is valid until the day of February 26-27. The Asturian club is conducting daily antigen and PCR tests every 72 hours, keeping those who have had close contact with a positive away from the group for another 72 hours.

Paco Callejo, who remains in contact with the medical services of other clubs, believes that, despite the new measures, “it is very likely that the LEB Oro will have to stop”, also warning of the risk of injuries that the load of matches caused by postponement of matches. Unicaja Banco Oviedo has already had to postpone three, and in theory returns to competition on the 4th in Pumarín against Palencia.


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