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April Fools Day: curious facts in soccer, Colombian teams, that marked 2021 | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

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On this December 28, Day of the Holy Innocents, it is common to see jokes and football is no stranger to them. Through networks, as it happens year after year, they have taken the opportunity to announce false signings, catching a few ‘innocent’ off guard.

Regarding this festival, which is precisely religious but which many celebrate with jokes and deceptions, in FUTBOLRED we wanted to remember those curiosities that marked Colombian football in 2021. As much as they seem “innocent”, they are situations (some not very pleasant) that they remained as anecdotes this year.

Unusual match at the FPC: Chicó with 7 players

What on paper was just one more match on date 18 of the Betplay League 2021-I, ended up making news worldwide. Rionegro Aguilas, who officiated as a local in front of Boyacá Chicó, He played with seven players (two goalkeepers, one who played defense), all because of a massive Covid-19 contagion. They asked to postpone the game but before the refusal they figured to play like this. The news went around the world. 7 vs 11 that the referee Carlos Ortega finished earlier than planned, due to an injury at the premises.

River feat, Santa Fe ridiculous in Libertadores

The Covid also affected the Argentine team that although it tried to postpone the game, it had no choice but to play with a field player as a goalkeeper and put several youths to debut. Also, they had no substitutes. Despite the difficult situation, River Plate took the breed out and ended up beating Santa Fe 2-1. A defeat that many described as a piece of paper and elimination in the Cup. This match was played in the month of May.

Players affected with gases and slow international matches

In the month of May, in full social mobilization in Colombia, international meetings were held in Barranquilla. Junior received River Plate and América, on a borrowed field, did the same against Mineiro. However, in the middle of the National Strike, the protesters were planted on the outskirts of Romelio Martínez, a place where there were heavy disturbances. The gases reached the field of play and the games had to stop at various times. The most affected was América-Mineiro. The match was stopped eight times.

Junior arrived at the airport by mototaxi

With the strike, transportation problems were recorded in Barranquilla and this led the shark team to decide to get off the bus, in the middle of a road closure, and had to use mototaxi to get to the Ernesto Cortizos airport and not miss the flight to Rionegro. Dozens of motorcycles came to pick up the footballers who “threw their suitcases on their shoulders” in order not to miss the flight. Junior dedicated that triumph to motorcycle taxi drivers.

They made it to referee Ortega

The Cartagena referee Carlos Ortega He starred in two curious events in the Colombian league. The first, in the final of the first semester when Álvaro Montero, in the midst of the euphoria for the title, did not hesitate to celebrate by lifting the referee after the final whistle. The judge didn’t like it at all. The image became a meme. The second event occurred in the semifinal homers of Liga II, when he bounced the cards and Marlon Torres ended up taking the yellow from a rival.

Ascent scandal made world news

The ascent of Unión Magdalena drew all eyes for a “suspicious” comeback that occurred in the blink of an eye and with a totally committed rival. Once again, Colombian football became world news, and it was not for less, this match sentenced the fate of the cyclone team, which returned to the first division with the victory. A victory that was classified as “shameful” and “scandalous” and that is still on the retina of fans, as it happened a few weeks ago.


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