1. FC Magdeburg: That’s behind the talent plan – 3rd league

With Ole Hoch (19) and Leon Schmökel (19), 1. FC Magdeburg wants to lend two talented kickers in winter so that they can collect match practice abroad.

A scenario that the third division team wants to get away from in the future! The FCM has been planning to set up a U23 team since spring.

Photo: Ronny Hartmann

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FCM-Sportchef Otmar SchorkPhoto: Ronny Hartmann

Sports director Otmar Schork (64) explains: “Most of the A-youth players need an intermediate step before they join the professional team. That can mostly be achieved through a U-23 team and not just through loans. “

Advantage: The best can train with the professionals, but at the same time gain match practice in the U23.

If everything goes according to plan, the new team will start the coming season in the 6th division. Schork: “Presidium member Marius Sowislo and I are very intensive in the discussions, both with the association and with the association league clubs themselves.”

A decision should be made promptly. Of course, too: U19 goalkeeper Noah Kruth (18) and Luxembourg talent Eldin Dzogovic (18), who were already in the third division squad, should get professional contracts! Schork: “Both players are doing well so far and are training with the professionals. It is planned to keep both with us. “

Small catch: Dzogovic has to pay training compensation to his youth clubs.

Eldin Dzogovic spielte bereits für Luxemburgs A-NationalmannschaftPhoto: Ronny Hartmann

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Eldin Dzogovic already played for Luxembourg’s senior teamPhoto: Ronny Hartmann



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