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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Milan star totally honest! Worrying confession from Ibra – football

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Everything has it’s price…

Even the eternal Zlatan Ibrahimovic (40) doesn’t get anything for free. In the English “Guardian” the Milan star now confesses: “I wake up every morning with pain everywhere.”

On the pitch, the adrenaline makes the Sweden striker forget everything, everything looks easy. But his long career doesn’t leave him without a trace, downtimes are becoming more frequent, and regeneration takes longer. Achilles tendon and knees were causing problems for the superstar this season. Zlatan has played 374 league minutes (five goals, two assists), only 46 minutes in the Champions League.

Nevertheless, Ibrahimovic still has a lot of fun on the lawn, the will is unbroken: “I have goals and adrenaline so I keep going. I have to work to stay at the top as long as I can, I’ll keep doing this. I don’t want to regret, I don’t want to think ‘I could have continued because I was fine’, I’d rather be completely exhausted and say ‘I can’t take it any longer’. “

Zlatan wants to be a role model for young players: “It’s not a question of contracts or fame, money and followers don’t heal you like adrenaline. Suffering is not a problem for me, it is like breakfast for me. This new generation doesn’t understand, they don’t have to do much to get recognition. I am very proud to belong to the older generation who had to do a lot to achieve something. “

With Milan, Ibrahimovic is on Scudetto course in Serie A. It would be his twelfth championship title. Ibra’s contract runs until the end of the season, and an extension for another year is very likely. Zlatan also hopes to go to the Qatar World Cup with Sweden in winter 2022. The Swedes still have to qualify through the playoffs.


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