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World title would fulfill Verstappen ambitions: “It doesn’t matter how much you win after that”

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Max Verstappen has actually already achieved his ambition in Formula 1 in the event of winning a world championship. The Dutch do not attach too much value to letting that number increase.

Verstappen is still only 24 years old, but this year he could just win his first world title in Formula 1. With two races to go, the Dutchman is eight points ahead of his major competitor, Lewis Hamilton. Potentially, the Dutchman could crown himself as the first Dutchman ever to become world champion in the upcoming Grand Prix in Jeddah. For that, however, a bad result from Hamilton is needed.

Little ambition over world title

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At his young age, he still has a long career ahead of him. However, his ambition in Formula 1 with a world title would already be fulfilled this year, he admits in an extensive interview with the BBC, who asks him about his ambitions after a possible first world title. “Actually, I don’t have that many left in Formula 1. My ambition is to become world champion, and that is then fulfilled. It doesn’t matter how many you win afterwards, because you already have one”, Verstappen is honest .

Looking beyond Formula 1

Yet Verstappen fans do not immediately have to worry that the Dutchman will immediately say goodbye to Formula 1 after a championship. “Of course I will always try to win more than one. But it is the ultimate big goal. I will work very hard to achieve that. Then we will see again. There is a lot of pressure and although I am very If you get a lot of pleasure out of driving, you eventually start to think about other things outside Formula 1 in order to achieve something,” concludes the Dutchman.


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