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Villeneuve BC 79 – Gardonne 80

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The VBC played part of its season by facing the formation of Gardonne which it was imperative to beat. Alas, the last possession in favor of the Dordognots would make the difference. There were 7 seconds to play, Cédric Gary by making a free throw in two had just given his team two points ahead (79-77). The ball then returned to the hands of the visitors who found Berin Gudic to be a serial killer. The Serbian interior unleashed its siren fire widely behind the three-point arc and raised the visitors ‘bench and knocked out the troop of the presidents’ duo Balda-Ribes. Basketball has this virtue, sometimes it only takes a tenth of a second to change the fate of a match. Emotions subdued, managers, coach, players sought to remember the meeting and find the weak moments of the VBC. We can see it at the start of the game where the “green” were feverish on the shot and absent on the defensive rebound, leaving the opponent two or three more chances to score. We can also talk about the period when the premises had a ten point lead just before half-time which could have been pressing where it hurts to be more decisive. There was also the weak time of the third quarter where the local defense opened up easy shooting positions for the opponent. Finally the last act was poorly managed by the VBC who forgot to score on several free throws (5 out of 10). And then there are some details …

QT : 22-21 ; 48-37 ; 60-59.

Referees: Legay et M. Marbat.

For Villeneuve BC: 28 successful shots including 4 with three points; 19 successful free throws.

The team : Bouyrelou (3), Gary (16), Bancarel (8), Hill (22), Sidibe (17), Cubra (4), Diouf (4), Chevalier, Bondodet (4), Majani (1).

20 personal faults; no player eliminated.

For Gardonne: 28 successful shots including 13 with three points; 11 successful free throws. 25 personal faults; 2 players eliminated: Tacita (32nd), Mbaitoubam (40th).

The team: Tacita (7), Pouye (17), Adgnot (11), Hoarau, Mbaitoubam (3), Gudic (20), Dezalle (20), El Mouttalibi (2).

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