This cuckoo can bite! Vémol’s lioness is a real cat

Carlos Vémola he is a personality in himself, but he also attracts a lot of attention in his own zoo, in which he has remarkable specimens. One of them is the lioness Elsa, who is no longer a cute kitten, but a pretty predatory sweatshirt! Of course, fans are interested in how Vémola takes care of animals that still need individual and intensive care. “You’re asking how Elsa is. She is doing well, she is growing and she still tastes good, “Vémol quotes the website.

Vémola boasted an Elsa lioness! Really her first, he described the care of the cub

Although the wrestler himself is respectful, he probably wouldn’t want Elsu as a rival in the cage. “” Suddenly you look awfully small, Carlos, “the fans agree. She is beautiful, but I would probably have a lot of respect, “the fan writes in fear. In addition to felines, it also breeds crocodiles, sharks, kangaroos and turtles. Some people outrage their own zoo, others admire it. But the most important thing is that all animals are satisfied.

Karlos Vémola feeds lions at the Plasy Zoo




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