they won in the complement of the fourth date of the League

The fourth stage of the Uruguayan Basketball League was completed with the wins for Urupan, Biguá, Goes and Nacional.

Urupan beat Malvin 63-58; Biguá beat Hebraica and Macabi 99-88; Goes beat Trouville 86-81 and Nacional beat Olimpia 85-73.

Biguá and Urupan lead the positions with 8 points, product of four wins in the same number of presentations. They are followed by Goes, with 7.

Batista tries to get away from a rival’s mark

Biguá narrowly beat Hebraica and Macabi by a double in a match that had a hot ending in the stands and also among the players in the final minute. Donald Sims with 31 points and Santiago Vidal with 21, were the scorers of the match.

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Urupan continues without defeats in his debut in the Uruguayan League. This Wednesday he beat Malvín with another good performance by Mateo Sarni, who scored 19 goals.

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Nacional achieved its second win in the tournament by beating Olimpia, with an outstanding work by Quincy Miller, author of 17 points and with 11 rebounds to his credit.

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Goes won at home with a great game by Joaquín Osimani, with a good percentage of triples, against Trouville who still could not win in the tournament.

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Saturday at 9:15 p.m. the match between Olivol Mundial and Nacional will be completed which was suspended 6 minutes into the first quarter due to leaks on the Larre Borges court on November 3. The tricolor team is winning by 12 to 5.

The fifth date will be played from Monday 15th with the Biguá-Malvin match at 9:15 pm.

On Wednesday 17, Trouville welcomes Hebraica; on Thursday 18, Capitol-Peñarol, Urunday Universitario-Urupan face off, and on Friday 19 Aguada-Nacional and Defensor Sporting-Goes will play it.


Biguá 8 4 0
Enable 8 4 0
Goes 7 3 1
Urunday 6 2 2
Olympiad 6 2 2
Malvin 6 2 2
National 5 2 1
Olivol Mundial 5 2 1
Peñarol 5 1 3
Hebrew 5 1 3
Watery* 4 4 0
Capitol 4 0 4
Defender Sp 4 0 4
Trouville 4 0 4
* Penalty of 4 points




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