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The Mazatlán Baseball Tournament 2021 kicks off with passion

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MAZATLÁN._ A day full of excitement and excitement was responsible for marking the official start of the Mazatlán Baseball Tournament 2021, which is celebrated in the port.

With an excellent response from the country’s baseball field, the first day of this national competition was launched, which takes place in different Mazatlan sports venues.

Within the Infant category, the Dodgers team of the Mayan League of Mexico City arrived with force and beat Vic May Camargo of Chihuahua by a score of 10-2.

In this game, the one who stood out for his remarkable performance from the mound was the pitcher Ángel David Sánchez, who ended up scoring the victory, while the reverse went to Dariana Valles.

On the part of the Mexico City team, Alex Klainer, Máximo Razo, Diego Bernal and César Magallanes stood out on offense, who were in charge of pushing most of the runs for their team.

For its part, Academia La Jaula 45 Mazatlán beat Culiacán 8-1.

In another great duel, Liga 3 Ríos de Culiacán took the breed out and with a forceful attack defeated Liga Matamoros de Tamaulipas by a scoreboard 9-1, with Fabián Gallegos the winning pitcher and Santiago Ponce the loser.

At the time of coming out with the wood, Roberto Quiroz stood out for Culiacán by hitting a homer that drove in three runs, batting 3-2.

Within the Junior Youth category, MVP Sarisa from Nuevo León’s team stood firmly to shut out Gavilanes de Tizayuca 12-0.

During this match, Dilan Medina excelled on the mound to appropriate the victory, leaving the bitter taste of defeat to Mary Fernández, who could do little to contain the rival attack.

The best hitters for Nuevo León were Remigio Quintanilla at 3-3, along with Emilio Escobedo and Marcelo Medina, who went 3-2. Alicia Mascorro and Yadier García did it for Tizayuca after finishing 3-2.


Little school

Chihuahua Jeans 27
Gavilanes de Tizayuca Hidalgo 12

Major Infant

Warriors Mexico of Nuevo Leon 7
Santa Catarina Jr. from Mexico City 0

Juvenile Minor

Culiacan Sinaloa 8
Young Warriors of Nayarit 3

Aguilas Club San Isidro de Coahuila 5
Union of Peloteros UDP of the State of Mexico 4

Warriors Mexico of Nuevo Leon 7
Chihuahua graduates 2

Bulls Acuña de Coahuila 4
Durango nerd raccoons 1


Union Arandas de Jalisco 13
Coahuila Raptors 0

Child Minor

Saraperos Academy of Coahuila 16
Wall League of Mazatlan 8

Players from Mexico City 5
Club Royals of Coahuila 0

Mexico City Gators 19
Dinos of the South of Coahuila 3

Chihuahua Bonsai 10
Dolphins of La Paz Baja California Sur 4

Treviño Kelly Blue 8
Hidalgo 4 Mini Sox


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