The famous Jamaican received a four-year doping penalty at the end of his career

In March, Carter had a positive out-of-competition test for clomiphene, which is used to treat infertility in women and to help increase testosterone levels. “I received the prescription drug as part of the treatment,” the 36-year-old Jamaican said in a statement on Wednesday. He accepted the punishment and expressed regret over his mistake.

Four years ago, he received a three-month break for a doping finding on the stimulant methylhexanamine, for which he had to return the baton gold from the Beijing Olympics. His colleagues, including the star Usain Bolt, who lost one of his nine Olympic titles, also lost the victory at the time.

This offense was not discovered until the retrospective analysis of the samples taken in 2008. Therefore, the disciplinary commission has not now imposed an eight-year sentence on Carter, stating that the new case did not fall within a ten-year period of repeated doping.

“The Commission has reasonably and correctly accepted our argument that, although it was a 2016 finding, it was in fact a test in 2008. It was a retest and a retroactive finding,” Carter’s lawyer, Stuart Stimpson, told Reuters.




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