The Estella Badminton Club (CBE) present at the Alfajarín (Zaragoza) and Soto de la Marina (Cantabria) tournaments –

Participants of the Estella Badminton Club in Alfajarín (Zaragoza)

The most outstanding result was the first place achieved by Leire De Antonio and Paula Fernández in the U17 Women’s Doubles held in Alfajarín (Zaragoza)

In the Aragonese town of Alfajarín, a Sub11, Sub13, Sub15, Sub17 and Sub19 Ranqueable Territorial Tournament was held. The Estella Badminton Club players traveled to this town: Hugo Baquedano, Ane de Antonio, Iván Berné, Teo Fernández, Irati Baquedano, Sofía Villar, Mateo Andueza, Unai Ataun, Liam Rada, Ibai Garcés, Egoi Echeverría, Aimar Garín, Mikel Martínez de Estívariz, Irene Jiménez, Sara Vicente, Andrea Villar, Paula Echarri, Leire De Antonio, Paula Fernández, Eider Yanquing Peláez, Javier Martínez de Olcoz, Iñigo Echarri and Ángel Aramendía.

The most outstanding results were: Leire De Antonio and Paula Fernández (champions in Women’s Doubles U17), Irati Baquedano (runner-up in Women’s Singles U13), Paula Fernández (runner-up in Women’s Singles U17), Aimar Garín and Mikel Martínez de Estívariz (runners-up in U15 Men’s Doubles), Paula Echarri and Eider Yanquing Peláez (runners-up in U17 Women’s Doubles) and Paula Echarri’s third place in U17 Women’s Singles.

The players of the CBE, David Manzano, Julen Echegaray and David Gómez de Segura, traveled to the Cantabrian town of Soto de la Marina to play the Territorial Ranking Tournament Sub13, Sub17 and Absolute.

The most outstanding result was the third place achieved by David Manzano and Yurema Martín, from the Aronova Badminton Club, in Absolute Mixed Doubles.

The next meeting of the Estella Badminton Club will be from November 12 to 14, dates on which the U17 Spanish Championship will be played in the town of Granollers (Catalonia).



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