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The Eagles will be at the stadium on May 24

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The Frontier Baseball League today unveiled the schedule for the 2022 season. The Eagles will kick off their eighth season in their history on Friday, May 13, with a visit to the Crushers in Lake Erie. The opening match at the Quillorama Stadium is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24, while the Y’alls of Florence will be the opponents.

The 15 regular teams of the circuit will each play 51 games at home and 45 on the road. The All-Star break will be July 18-21. The playoffs begin on September 6, two days after the last game of the season. The first position of the two conferences will get their pass to the semi-final series, while positions two and three will have to play a suicide match.

The homeless road team will be called the Frontier Grays. The name was chosen in honor of the Zanesville Grays who won the first Frontier League Championship in 1993. The team name is a tribute to author Zane Gray who has written several books on baseball, including the better known is called Redheaded Outfield. (JC)

The calendar in brief

96 games: 51 at home and 45 abroad

Opening match: Tuesday May 24, 2022

63 parties in Canada

33 parties in the United States

6 games at the Stade Canac in Quebec

Against Ottawa: 12

Québec: 12

Tri-City: 12

New York : 9

Sussex County: 9

New Jersey : 9

Frontier Greys: 9

Lake Erie: 3

Gateway: 3

Schaumburg: 3

Florence: 3

Evansville: 3

Joliet: 3

Washington: 3

Windy City: 3

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