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The Chilean José Jara, member of the Judo Cruces Team, won the gold in the National of Argentina

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The Chilean José Jara was the best judoka in Argentina at +100 kg. (Photo: www.talentosports.com.ar)

With the National Judo Championship, Villa Carlos Paz 2021, the big competition returned and the Judo Cruces Team did not stop scoring on the podium. In total, those led by coach Nicolás Cruces won seven medals in the contest that saw Córdoba as the winner of the Challenger Cup, due to the sum of medals obtained throughout the tournament.

The most prominent of the team were Matías Pilo and José Jara, who were left with the gold at the Senior and Junior level in their respective categories, as to leave no room for doubt that they are the present and the future.

Pilo, who represented the country in the Junior Judo World Cup in Sardinia (Italy), confirmed his status as number one in 66kg in both divisions; while the Chilean José Jara did the same in the + 100kg division.

Supported by his undeniable conditions, Tomás Couzo returned to the competition to hang the silver medal in Senior 60kg. The other standout, who also achieved podium in both Senior and Junior, was Tomás Sosa in the category up to 73kg. In both divisions he was bronze and was among the judokas with the greatest projection in his division.

The rest of the athletes of the Judo Cruces Team, whose training center is the CEDeCo Dojo (Suipacha 1933, Pueyrredón neighborhood, Córdoba) fought well but could not reach medals. They were: Marcelo Campisano, Agustín Bustos Fierro, Joaquín Tovagliari, Miguel Ramírez, Francisco González and Ezequiel Pérez.

The competition, which brought together more than 400 judokas from all over Argentina, was qualifying for the Pan American Tournament in Colombia to be held next year. And he left Córdoba at the top of the national judo.

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