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the assembly re-elected the Board

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The ordinary shareholders’ meeting of Milan 1946 took place at Kennedy and unanimously approved the new composition of the Board formed by Alessandro Selmi (president), Sheila Clifford, Marco Giulianelli, Stefano Lusian, Marco Meazza, Fabrizio Monanni, Ennio Paganelli, Elia Pagnoni, Raoul Pasotto, Giancarlo Piazzi, Giuseppe Pizzi, Tiziana Rombi.

Milan 1946, the president Selmi draws up the balance of the season

President Selmi took stock of the Milan 1946 season: in the face of negative results such as relegation to Serie B, there are highly positive data such as the new record of registered athletes (240), the registration to the championships of three senior and seven youth teams, the investment in qualified technicians for the youth sector (Franco, Ramirez and the newcomer Macias), the excellent functioning of the recreation area and merchandising as well as economic results who see the season close with a small surplus.

Baseball Milano 1946 and the Sraffa project

Selmi president of Baseball Milano 1946 then recalled the event organized by Hugo Boss as an example of the potential of the Kennedy and put the Sraffa project (new field for blind softball and baseball) among the main future objectives. “At the end of the month – said Selmi – the new Sraffa Institute Council will discuss our project for the concession of the current soccer field for its transformation into a regulation softball field, a diamond for blind baseball and a field 7-a-side football on the central part of the space.

Metropolitan City liked the project who reported it to the school and intends to carry it out, net of any vetoes by the school itself. The presentation of the project together with the two blind baseball associations of Milan, Lampi and Thunder’s, was also appreciated by the Dean in a meeting held in October. The project provides for a substantial investment that can be amortized over 10 or more years of direct concession from the Metropolitan City and will be supported by some important donations, but provides for further support to be sought after having been confirmed by the school.

In any case, this project is considered to be expendable in business contexts or at foundations that place disability and inclusion at the center of their support policy. And in any case, without an expansion of the spaces available to the teams, which continue to grow, our business in the next few years could have severe limitations “.

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