Tennis player who accused former Chinese vice president of sexual abuse disappears



Just a week after the tennis player Peng Shuai accuse the former Chinese vice president of having sexually abused her, the athlete has disappeared. This is stated by the French media Le Monde, which indicates that the dust raised by the news has generated a whole schism in the Asian country. Shuai, former number one in the world of doubles, published a post last Thursday on the social network Weibo (the equivalent of Twitter in China) where he assured that Zhang GaoliThe 75-year-old, until recently one of the three most powerful men in the Chinese Communist Party, had abused her seven years ago after a tennis match.

The post was quickly censored by the Chinese authorities.

In addition, during those hours, both the names of both involved and the word ‘tennis’ did not produce any results if they were searched on the internet, as a result of the information blockade exercised by the government of the Asian country.

Although it was only a few minutes on the network, Shuai’s message was picked up by many users. “I was very scared. That afternoon, I initially refused. I couldn’t stop crying. In the clutches of fear and confusion […] I gave in and we had sex, “you could read. Both the tennis player and the politician they had an extramarital affair since then, until an argument between the two caused their separation. The tennis player also assured that even Gaoli’s wife knew about their relationship. Now the 2014 Roland Garros winning athlete has vanished without a trace.

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