Tel Aviv University launches an Innovation Center

The center will join forces with industry to advance innovative research.

Prior to the opening of the academic year 2021/2022, Tel Aviv University gave the green light to an Innovation Laboratory Centern. The idea is to advance innovative research with potential applicability within three to seven years from the start of the work.

For the first time in the Israeli educational world, the choice of research topics will be made in consultation with industry and public bodies. They will present the needs on the ground to those responsible for the laboratories, who will try to provide a complete scientific and innovative solution within a few years.

The model of this applied research is different from that of traditional basic research. Nevertheless, although the center will focus on the applicable aspect of the research, this will not detract from the outstanding research being carried out at the university.

Foto: Creative Commons

Tel Aviv University has defined three main objectives. These are reinforce its international component, promote multidisciplinarity, and strengthen its relations with industry and the knowledge society.

Unlike basic research, which traditionally focuses on a single discipline, The new center will bring together experts from a wide range of disciplines that will enrich various dimensions of research from different perspectives, including design, branding and accessibility to diverse audiences..

The financial focus of the site is based on the industry assuming an important part of the research funding. This is by foresight and in a format that implies “club membership” that confers product development rights.

«The vision of Tel Aviv University includes internationality, multidisciplinarity and connections with industry and the knowledge society. The Center for Innovation Laboratories will integrate all the components of this vision “said the president of Tel Aviv University, Ariel Porat.

Finally, the director of the Center, David Mendlovic, concluded: “This unique center redefines the interface between academia and industry. Academic freedom is to create and innovate and the desire is for research to have practical applicability “.


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