Team Belgium works on an Olympic feeling during an internship: “Connection is very important” | Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics are still fresh in our minds and the next Games will not be in Paris until 2024. Nevertheless, Olav Spahl emphasizes the importance of Team Belgium’s traditional autumn internship.

“It’s important to start training again after the mid-season,” explains Spahl. “In addition, the mutual connection between the athletes is also important.”

In Belek there is not only training. The 90 athletes of Team Belgium who are present also get to know each other and each other’s sport. “We make teams of different Olympic disciplines and the athletes can then collect points,” it sounds.

Yesterday there was racewalking and breakdance, among other things, archery was also on the program. “They then teach each other. It is especially important for the breakdancers, a new Olympic discipline in 2024, to make the connection with Team Belgium,” says Spahl.

The Olympic feeling is greatly fueled in Belek. “Such an internship is useful to share experiences and knowledge about the different sports. We started by reminiscing about the beautiful moments of Tokyo. So the Olympic atmosphere was immediately back,” says Olav Spahl.

“Coaches and athletes who have been successful at the Games can share that passion here. Bashir Abdi and the Red Lions will come to tell us about how it is to perform at the Olympics and what the key to success is.”

A total of 90 athletes from 10 different disciplines are currently soaking up the Olympic atmosphere in Turkey. “We are happy that this is possible again,” it sounds. “Don’t forget that we only have a period of 3 years until the next Olympics. We are already on our way to Paris.”


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