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“Staying strong back was what saved us”

by archysport

Reducto won a match that from won became almost lost, since Albatros discounted the difference of 28 points. Brian Silva was the most even at all times of the heavenly asylum and also set free to win. After the game he spoke with Básquet Total.

Asked about the process of the game and a victory that ended up being complicated, he said: “We were doing very well in the game with more than 20 points of difference and I think that led to us letting ourselves be. There they came to us and it ended up being a complicated game that luckily we got ahead of it ”.

The emotional part was fundamental, not to fall after the comeback and also to place the two free games in the closing that gave the victory to his team: “We had a constant defensive intensity during the 40 minutes, the main error was when Albatros closed us in the zone and we did not know how to enter it, we pulled from the outside and we missed a lot, so staying strong behind was what saved the point”.

Reducto was armed as one of the strengths for this DTA and Silva did not stop remarking it, despite having had a hard defeat against Capurro and almost escaping this victory with Albatros: “We have weapons to go further, honestly it is a very good team. We started very well with Bohemios, and on the second date it was very difficult for us against Capurro where emotionally many things from outside the field weathered us. We are just getting to know each other, any player can score sometimes it costs us a bit to pass the ball, but when we do it and we find the shot only from a teammate I think we can hurt a lot ”.

For the youngest, the change to return to playing with the public can weigh and more on the visiting court, when asked about this Silva said: “That this people change a lot, I was playing El Metro in Sayago the entire tournament without an audience until we went to the Peñarol Palace and saw all the fans, it was something brutal. Without a doubt that people are returning to the fields is the best thing that can happen to us, it also gives a plus and an extra emotion to each game “.

To finish he remarked how well he is in the asylum team: “I am very comfortable at the club, they treated me terribly from the first moment. Beyond enjoying myself, I know that it is the path I chose, I am young, I have two years left as an Under-23 so going down to third is a growth for my career, being able to have more minutes of learning serves for the future ”.

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