Social: Derthona Basket alongside research. The staff will wear the pink tie all season

The attention to social issues and to the promotion of local and national initiatives are the cornerstones of the daily activity of the Bertram Derthona, which has always been interested in expanding and involving associations and partners in its path.

A focused look at the present and the near future, an organizational and structural growth that goes hand in hand with the sporting one, makes Bertram a real point of reference for the development of basketball in the province of Alessandria.

Numerous, and successful, the initiatives promoted by the company over the last few years: particularly significant that implemented on the occasion of the match against the Italian champions of the Virtus Bologna, held on October 30th at PalaEnergica Paolo Ferraris in Casale Monferrato.

On that evening the Derthona joined the AIRC Foundation, which for several years has supported and promoted the prevention and research against breast cancer, the most common malignancy in the female gender. A crowded building in compliance with the anti-Covid-19 regulations currently in force and completely pink colored: the spectators with the t-shirts honored by the Club and the technical and managerial staff who wore the pin of the #nastrorosaAIRC and the pink tie.

But research on all fronts of medicine does not stop and is limited to a particular month of the year and to a single area, which is why Pink Tie it will become the symbol of support for Bertram Derthona fight against disease: a message that the staff will re-launch in every match of the 2021/22 championship.

This decision with a strong social value, together with the others that the Club is promoting in the area, is the representation of how much Bertram Derthona intends to promote basketball and its values ​​at 360 degrees. Daily, locally and nationally.


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