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Scott Redding’s Compliments and Feedback for the Mandalika Circuit Page all

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KOMPAS.com – World Superbike (WSBK) driver Scott Redding enjoyed racing at the Mandalika Circuit, but he was a bit “uneasy” with the drainage problems on the track.

The 2021 WSBK race at the Mandalika Circuit, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara was shrouded in extreme weather.

It was raining so hard before the first race (Race 1) started on Saturday (20/11/2021) noon WIB.

The 2021 WSBK Mandalika Race 1 was finally postponed to Sunday (11/21/2021) morning WIB, followed by Race 2 in the afternoon.

However, due to the rescheduling, the 10-lap Tissot Superpole WSBK race had to be cancelled.

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Race 2 WSBK Mandalika also had a delay of several hours due to heavy rain and the race was shortened from 21 to 12 laps.

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Aruba.it Racing Ducati team rider Scott Redding performed quite well in two races at the Mandalika Circuit.

In Race 1, the former MotoGP rider finished third behind Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) and world champion Toprak Razgatlioglu (Pata Yamaha).

Scott Redding got the better result in the second race. He finished the race in second place behind Rea.

Redding admitted he was not racing as usual. At WSBK Mandalika, Redding appeared wilder.

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In two races, Redding had followed each other with Jonathan Rea to fight for the first position.

“I’m usually conservative, but not today. I overtake a lot because I want to entertain. I think Jonathan (Rea) is too,” he said, as quoted from Antara News, Monday (11/22/2021).

“When I’m behind I feel faster, then I overtake him,” said the Briton.

“Maybe it was one of the best fights I’ve ever had, especially in rainy conditions. I’m happy to have this race,” said the rider who will move to the BMW Motorrad team next season.

Redding praised the Mandalika Circuit for being able to make the tires grip perfectly, even in waterlogged conditions.

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“The track has very good grip, so it’s quite fun because it doesn’t have a lot of slides, so you can appear to be pressing as well as in dry conditions,” he said.

“If the temperature is lower, I think this track has better grip. However, it is still a fun race in Mandalika,” he added.

Although he enjoyed racing at the Mandalika Circuit, Redding felt that the management still needed to fix the drainage problem.

Because, when it rains, the water is not quickly wasted which eventually inundates the circuit at several points.

“This track was built in a fast time. When in a hurry you often make mistakes, that’s normal,” he said.

“Drainage is one thing that needs to be improved, but we’re still learning because if you look here six months ago, this track was nothing,” said Scott Redding.

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