Qatar World Cup Live: Lottery Lottery

Lottery ticket MS 2022

Scotland – Ukraine
Wales – Austria
Russia – Poland
Sweden – Czech Republic
Italy – Northern Macedonia
Portugal – Turkey

Have a nice Friday afternoon, welcome to the online broadcast from the ceremonial draw of the barracks for the World Cup in Qatar 2022. The Czech national team will also know its opponent.

Although international football has already rang for this year, today we will return to it for a while. In Zurich, Switzerland, at 5 pm, the draw for the 2022 Championship, which will take place in Qatar, will begin. The final tournament of the World Championship will start in less than a year, in an unconventional period on November 21st. American, African and Asian qualifications will still be on track, but it is clear in Europe. And today, the Czech national team will be among the twelve teams waiting for Ortel. Although she finished third in her qualifying group, she will not lose the playoffs thanks to her successful work in the League of Nations. However, the qualification cannot be considered successful even according to the former representative Milan Fukal.

However, the Czech team, together with Poland, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia and Turkey, will be among the non-deployed teams. This means that in the first round of the playoff, which is played for only one winning match, he will present the opponent on the field. The handicap is considerable, but not insurmountable. Coach Šilhavý’s charges can come across six teams, of which, above all, they arouse great fear. The European champions from Italy and the Portuguese with Cristian Ronald did not manage the end of their qualifying groups. These two teams would probably like to avoid each of the non-deployed teams. Also at stake are Russia, the island units of Wales and Scotland, with which the Czechs have fresh experience, as well as Sweden. However, he will miss the punished Zlatan Ibrahimovice.

Assistant coach Jiří Chytrý and deputy captain Vladimír Coufal let themselves be heard immediately after the match with Estonia that they would like to head to the British Isles again. He played two failed duels with Wales, when he lost in Cardiff and only drew at home. With Scotland, the national team succeeded in the euro after two goals by Patrik Schick 2: 0. Just after the European Championship, the Czech team jumped the FIFA ranking to 31st place, which is the best position in the last five years. But after a failed qualification, no further progress has been made and the Czechs are still thirty-one. Belgium remains in the lead, breathing heavily on Brazil’s back. Together with Argentina, it has already secured promotion to the World Cup from the South American qualification.

A gala ticket was launched in Zurich, Switzerland. Assistant coach Jiří Chytrý from the Czech team will take part. Head coach Jaroslav Šilhavý is not here.

In the introduction, FIFA President Gianni Infantino and UEF President Aleksander Čeferin evaluated the qualification and mentioned which teams won the participation in the tournament.

Former great footballers will make the draw today. Portuguese Thiago Mendes, legendary German Lothar Matthäus and French European champion 1998 Christian Karembeu.

After a short conversation with three former football players, we can watch a video with the teams’ goals. who have already won a ticket to Qatar.

In the end, coaches are only connected online. We were able to see Jaroslav Šilhavý and Jiří Chytrý on the screen.

The deployed teams will always start the first round at home. The twelve teams will then be divided into 3 four-team spiders, which will determine which winners will face each other in the final.

The teams deployed are: Portugal, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Wales, Scotland.

The three roads are named A, B and C. In road A there are Scotland and Wales, in B Russia and Sweden, in C Portugal and Italy. It is already so clear that one of the giants Italy / Portugal will be missing in the final tournament.

The six non-deployed teams are: the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Austria, Poland, Northern Macedonia and Turkey.

Ukraine will play the 1st round in Scotland.

Wales welcomes home to Austria.

Russia will play with Poland.

The Czech team is waiting for the match in Sweden. In case of promotion, he will face the winner of the duel Russia vs Poland.

Northern Macedonia will perform in Italy and the Turks will go to Portugal.

Many teams today will probably be satisfied, certainly not the Portuguese and Italians, who will probably compete in the final match of the playoffs. One of them will lose the World Cup.

Now there will be a draw where the final matches will be played in June. It should be on neutral ground.

So in the end it was drawn on which course the pair will play the final finals of the play. The Czech team will play outside even if they advance. Either in Russia or Poland.

An intercontinental barrage will now be decided.

As American, Asian and African qualifiers are not completed, no specific teams are drawn.

The team from the Asian part of the qualification will play a draw against the team from South America. The team from Central America will play with a team from Oceania.

The lot just ended. The important information is that the Czech team will face Sweden. If he succeeds in the North of Europe in the semifinals of the match, then a duel on the pitch of the winner of the match Russia – Poland awaits him. On the other hand, one of the Portugal-Italy pairs will not look at the World Cup in Qatar.

Thank you for your attention and have a nice rest of the day.

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