Proven to have made a mistake, the referee for the Persebaya VS Persela match is prohibited from appearing

Semen Padang defender Novrianto’s expression after protesting against referee Musthofa Umare

BOLASPORT.COM – PSSI has officially punished referee Musthofa Umarella with a ban on leading matches in Liga 1 and Liga 2 2021.

The punishment was given after Musthofa was judged to have made a mistake in making decisions in the Persebaya Surabaya vs Persela Lamongan match.

In the match that took place at the Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Thursday (21/10/2021), Mustofa made at least two controversial decisions.

The first was the disapproval of Persebaya striker Jose Wilkson’s goal in the 33rd minute.

According to the referee, Jose’s free kick has not crossed the goal line.

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The second moment was a goal from Persela player Ivan Carlos in the 34th minute.

From the replay, Ivan is in the position offside before scoring.



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