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President of CB Santos San Luis causes a scandal in the finals – El Sol de San Luis

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The current president of the Santos San Luis Basketball Club, Víctor Mariscal, starred in an embarrassing incident when he wanted to beat up those responsible for the 2021 CONDDE National University Basketball Championship and with a former player.

The scandal occurred during the finals of the male and female branch held in the Miguel Barragán auditorium, and was recorded in a video that the National Council of Sports in Education (CONDDE) published on its social network, with a message stating that he is against any manifestation of violence.

In the video what a curious thing, this Monday 29 was already deleted from the networks, Mariscal Mata was observed very aggressive, shouting and challenging the organizers of the Championship and a former player, while he was stopped by the referees in the tunnel that gives of the dressing rooms to the court.

The incident did not happen to adults, but it did bring with it that the CONDDE issued a statement in relation to the event, which textually states: “In the 2021 National University Basketball Championship, some aggressive attitudes were manifested. The CONDDE categorically rejects any attitude that has to do with violence in any of its manifestations. We show our solidarity with each and every authentic student-athlete, coaches, coaches, managers, judging body and multidisciplinary team. The values ​​of university sports are based on a creative, constructive coexistence based on respect, and the solidarity of each and everyone. ”.

So far, the Sports Coordination of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí has ​​not commented on the issue, only its spokesperson commented: “Ask the person who created the scandal, we only join the CONDDE statement against the violence”.


  • Víctor Mariscal Mata is the brother of Armando, current coach of the UASLP basketball team

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