Paulina loses consciousness after a blow to the head.

It was in the Game of Legendstonight in

Exatlon Mexico
, where Paulina collapsed dramatically. The judo practitioner He passed out and generated all kinds of reactions among the fans of our reality show.

Martínez hit his face that caused a scratch, he momentarily lost consciousness and, as expected, the athletes tried to help Martínez.

The athlete acknowledged that her fall on the first hurdle affected her; however he quickly recovered.

Exatlon’s most important team competition.

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Pau feels guilty for the death of his grandfather

Paulina burst into tears for her grandfather on the most demanding reality show, as she feels remorse because feel guilty of this horrible event.

Exatlon Mexico placed the photo of the athlete’s deceased relative on the altar of the dead. Given this, the athlete recalled that he died when she was 6 years old and continues to think that if one day she had not screamed, her grandfather would not have come out, he would not have hit himself and he would not be dead.

Paulina accepted that she is afraid of death, because she does not know how to accept the departure of her loved ones from this world and 16 years after the loss of his grandfather he has not been able to overcome it.

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