Nba, Los Angeles Clippers-Golden State Warriors 90-105, Curry 33 punti

The team with the best NBA record passes 105-90 in Los Angeles with 33 points of its star, which makes the difference in the fourth period

The best show of this first game of 2021-22 Nba does not disappoint even in Los Angeles. The Warriors take their circus to the Clippers version of the Staples Center, and come out with a 105-90 victory that testifies to how much Steph Curry in the mvp candidate version (33 points, of which 13 to close the accounts in the fourth period of a game so far. balanced) isn’t the only reason Golden State has the best NBA record. Steve Kerr’s team is complete and deep, the best defense (orchestrated to perfection by Draymond Green but in which Andrew Wiggins shines more and more) and one of the most productive attacks. The Clippers are battlefields, not surprisingly they are the second most efficient defense in the NBA, but if no one gives Paul George a hand in attack as against the Warriors it becomes difficult to win. Especially if the best NBA team is up front.

The best

Golden State (18 won-2 lost so far) wins because it shows all its samples. Play the game the Clippers would like in the first half, a defensive battle. Then in the second half he brings out all his offensive potential. Curry, first of all. The way Steph closes the score in the fourth quarter is simply phenomenal, a burst of irresistible triples after a fight over the referees against which the Clippers can do nothing. It is not only his offensive omnipotence that makes him the best of this first part of the season: the 6 steals (one less than his career record) testify how much Curry has grown in defense and how much with age and experience he has understood how to do what serves the team. In addition to Steph excellent Wiggins, extraordinary in defense on George, Otto Porter Jr still very good off the bench, Jordan Poole only worked in the third quarter, but his 15 points were invaluable. Golden State thus wins the 7th game in a row and prepares for Tuesday’s challenge at the home of the wild Suns, who have an open streak of 16 successes.

Too alone

The Clippers (11-9) lost because George was too alone in attack. PG despite the 30 points did not, among other things, did nothing exceptional, limited by Wiggins when Ty Lue’s team needed it instead of being phenomenal. Reggie Jackson was missing, who was sensationally dry despite traveling at 18 points per game per game, Marcus Morris was only seen in the first half, who still has the excuse of being in the third game on the pitch after a long stop. Some flashes from Eric Bledsoe (13 points and 10 rebounds), but overall far too little for an attack that did not go beyond 40% from the field, a percentage adjusted upwards in the last minutes of garbage time. The Clippers have the defense to hold on to, but against Golden State they’ve had confirmation that without Kawhi Leonard they don’t have enough to live up to the best of the NBA.

the match

They command the defenses in the first half. The 19-12 that the hosts touched 3’37 “from the first siren with Marcus Morris (9 points in the first period) is the maximum gap of the first 24 ‘: at rest the scoreboard says 44-42 Golden State. with the Warriors shooting with 40% from the field and the Clippers with 34.1%. The guests try to escape with a volley of Curry for 55-44 after 4 ‘of recovery, but the hosts mend immediately (60-59). And at that point Golden State rediscovers Poole, non-existent in the first half (only 2 points) and yet capable of raging with 15 points to give the guests 75-68 at the third siren. Curry furiously quarrels with the referees at the start of the 4th period, then lights up for a sensational 13-point run that includes the 89-74 triple from sidereal distance that with 6’39 “from the end actually sends the match to the archive .
LA Clippers: George 30 (8/17 from two, 3/7 from three, 5/6 free throws), Morris 13, Bledsoe 13. Rebounds: Bledsoe 10. Assists: George 5, Morris 5.
Golden State: Curry 33 (5/9, 7/13, 2/2 tl), Porter 18, Poole 17. Rebounds: Porter 10. Assists: Green 7.




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