Marca Sport Weekend: Past, present and future of ‘Las Guerreras’, at MARCA Sport Weekend

En the year of La Remontada, when the fans returned to enjoy the sport in situ – hence the motto that presides over this MARCA Sports Weekend-, two events preside above all the national agenda until the end of the year: the Badminton and Handball World Cups, which will be held in December in Huelva and the Spanish Levante (Granollers, Castelln, Lliria and Torrevieja), respectively.

The handball will have its moment at the Seville appointment on Sunday shortly before 2:00 p.m., with the presence of the president of the Spanish Handball Federation, Francisco Blzquez, accompanied by Julin Lafuente, the communication director of Trinidad Alfonso, one of the sponsors who have made the World Cup possible, which will close an intense year in world sport with the Olympic Games as the summit, in addition to his firm commitment to the basis of this sport.

It will be the first part of a highlight meeting in which you then The past, present and future of Las Guerreras will be mentioned in the figures of Natalia Morskova, Lara Gonzlez and Elisabeth Cesreo.

Morskova, bronze in Sel’88 and Barcelona with the Soviet Union (unified team in 1992), arrived in Spain a year earlier. I was part of the best team that has ever existed in national handball, El Osito L’Eliana, winner of 13 leagues, 11 cups, the 1997 European Cup and a Recopa. Nationalized, it was internationalc by Spain.

Lara and Eli are the present and the future at the same time. The first sports a world runner-up in her palm – that famous final against the Netherlands, lost in the absence of six seconds – and another continental, milestones along with the London medal of a fabulous generation of players. Cesreo, meanwhile, was also in that final at the age of 20. The Bera Bera player is called to serve as hook with the next batch, which was fourth in the European B. l




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