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Logical defeat for Elfic Friborg in Eurocup

by archysport

Elfic Friborg logically suffered the law of Bourges Thursday evening in St-Léonard during the 5th day of the group stage of the Eurocup.

Marielle Giroud and Elfic Friborg were logically beaten Thursday evening.


The players of coach Romain Gaspoz lost 82-59 to the French team, undefeated leader of this group G.

This expected defeat does not change much for the Swiss champions, who had been crushed 102-49 in the first leg on October 20. Marielle Giroud and her teammates have their fate in hand before their last match, scheduled for next Thursday against Tenerife: a victory would open the doors to the round of 16.

And a loss might not be crippling. With two successes already in his pocket – including one in Tenerife, Elfic is indeed ideally placed to be part of the best third in the group.

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