“Juventus is not scared of the 20 million that Julián is worth”

Julian Alvarez He is the forward of the moment in Argentina and his name quickly crossed the Atlantic and reached Europe. Marcelo gallardo enjoy it in River; Lionel Scaloni called him back to the Argentine National Team and highlighted his good moment; in the world of video games he was once again included in the FIFA 22 team of the week and in the last hours was cover of sports media from Italy, which reflected the interest of Fiorentina and Juventus.

With emissaries in Argentina who will follow him closely in his next fence for the next transfer window, Vecchia Signora has him in orbit and David Trezeguet, who knows perfectly the kitchen of the Turin team, made an analysis that feeds the concern of the fans of the Núñez club, who want to continue delighting

Beyond being the current candidate for first vice president on the list headed by Antonio Caselli for the December electionsIn his days as footballers, he played for Juventus for 10 years (he scored 171 goals in 320 PJ) and lifted five titles. And later He remained linked to the institution as president of the Juventus Project and ambassador of the Turin club around the world.

Taking into account that the termination clause of the scorer is 20 million euros (increases to 25 million on the close of the market) and aware of the values ​​they handle in Europe, the former scorer did not hesitate: “For the Argentine economy it is a huge number, in dollars, an important price, but What I can guarantee you is that European clubs are not scared of this type, especially if they are the top. Today, Juventus is not scared by this value. “

In any case, in his experience, the Cordovan from Calchín should not rush to emigrate. “Thinking about the World Cup in Qatar, some say that it would be better for him to stay, but they also say that the train passes once in a lifetime … The reality is that January is a market that in Europe is considered small and the player has no margin of knowledge of the club “, expressed in talk with Supermitre (AM 790).

“The ideal is to go to Europe in the middle of the year. The preseason helps you to adapt to the football that you are going to have to live, to know if you will have space after chatting with the coach or being transferred to another club to show you … He is enjoying that present, just like the people of River But these types of players are always on the radar of European clubs, “he added.

And on the qualities that distinguish Julián above the current average, he declared: “He is the prototype of the modern player that everyone wants. He gives everything, he does not get tired, he has his feet on the ground, he gives fair statements, he does not seek controversy … This boy is present and immediate future, he is a difficult pearl to find in South America, he has technical characteristics that are liked in Europe, who is looking for this new style of players “.

What did Jorge Brito say about the future of Julián Álvarez?

In Núñez, the wish is for Álvarez to stay: talks have already started with the player’s agent, Fernando Hidalgo, and the parties agreed to continue negotiating. In December the market will be evaluated and if an offer comes from Europe that will seduce both River and the player. Otherwise, the extension of your contract will be signed in January. And in an extensive talk with Olé, Jorge Brito, current vice president and candidate for the ruling party, told his feelings.

“The objective, now that his representative returned from England, is to speak to reach a good agreement and that Julián stays. We believe that he is young, he grew up a lot, the world is talking about him and there is a World Cup next year: that is a description of reality. We seek to transfer a player when he reached his ceiling, a moment that is good for him and the club. And we believe that Julian still has not arrived at his. “




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