Judo, Crazy Scutto! Gold in the 48 kg Grand Slam in Abu Dhabi

The success of the judoka arrives at the age of only 19: “This medal repays the time and sacrifices spent to get here”.

A crazy Susi Scutto won the 48 kg gold in Abu Dhabi, on the first day of a Grand Slam with 223 athletes from 41 nations. Nineteen years old, Neapolitan, last October she won the junior world title in Olbia and Assunta really wanted to be at this Grand Slam. To the point of coming alone, the only blue athlete, accompanied by the coach Antonio Ciano and the indispensable Covid manager Alessandro Comi. And Assunta Scutto was right, because she presented herself in an excellent condition, which to say perfect might seem presumptuous, but for those who have had the pleasure of seeing her at work, she confirms that it just can’t be better than that.

A mature athlete

“She was very good – said Coach Antonio Ciano – it is all too easy to work with athletes who listen to the letter what you say … it is true that she is the one who is on the mat, but with an athlete like this you feel safe, because there is awareness, meeting after meeting, of where one is coming. Unlike Paris, where I didn’t expect much a few days before the world championship in Olbia, here I felt aware and today on the mat I saw a mature athlete who was able to deal with high-level athletes. And the facts have proved them right. We have a lot of work to do, but the road is the right one and I thank the staff of the Fiamme Gialle, our group that allowed us to come here, investing in ourselves “.

Four wins

Assunta Scutto has lined up four excellent victories, for ippon over the Chilean Mary Dee Vargas Ley, for wazari over the Israeli Shira Rishony, number 8 in the world ranking, for ippon (in 48 seconds) over the Russian Sabina Giliazova and, in the final, over the French Shirine Boukli, number 4 in the world, gold at the 2020 European Championships and who participated in the Olympics in Tokyo. With a wazari to the golden score!

The right reward

“I’m happy with this medal – Scutto said happily – my first Grand Slam final could not have been more beautiful. I confronted myself with high-level athletes and I was able to hold my own … I also realized aspects on which I still need to improve and this makes me feel on the right path, because I return from every race with ever clearer ideas about the work to be done to get closer and closer to my goals. I dedicate this medal to Antonio. It repays the time, money and sacrifices spent to get here. Because he supported me and believed in it even more than me! I know that together we can do many other beautiful things. I also dedicate the medal to my sports group and to the staff of the Fiamme Gialle, to the technical director of the Paolo Monaco group and to my super fan, my very anxious boyfriend Kevin “.




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