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Jordi Sargatal will direct Marc Gasol’s Bàsquet Girona

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Jordi Sargatal, until now interim coach of Bàsquet Girona, will lead the Catalan team until the end of the course, as reported this Monday by the club of the Fontajau pavilion, four days after making official the arrival of Marc Gasol.

Hand in hand with Gasol, now a player and president, and Sargatal, the club will seek to straighten the course after linking seven defeats that have placed it in the lower part of the LEB Oro. The team started the course with two victories, under the baton of Carles marco, but now he is in the 15th place of 18.

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Toni Canyameras

Gasol could make his debut with Bàsquet Girona this Friday, in the match of the tenth day against him Levitec Huesca The Magic, bottom with a single win, in Fontajau. Sargatal already led, on an interim basis, the Catalan team in the defeat of last November 21 against the Acunsa Gipuzkoa (85-81).

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