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Deportivo Independiente Medellín started a new week of work thinking about next Sunday’s game against Patriotas in Tunja, on date 18 in League II-2021. The powerful one still has a mathematical chance of qualifying, he is currently in 14th place with 21 points, he needs to add the remaining nine points and depends on another seven results to get between the eight with 30 points and improve the goal difference that is currently available. has at -2.

Julio Comesaña, coach of the team, spoke on the ‘Sports Blog’ program of ‘Blu Radio’, about the possibilities of qualifying and avoiding prolonging the elimination streak. “I have said that I always managed a score for this classification that was to get 50 percent plus one, which could be given with more or less points, but it was a score that was not going to cause difficulties. In any case, our situation is very complicated and if we succeed it would be magnificent, but if it does not happen, we will not give up. Every game that we take to the field we must give all our effort to achieve the result ”.

In addition, “in other circumstances, everything would already be defined. But there have been many draws in the last few days and with the games we have, in Tunja, then El Clasico and then in Pasto, it is not easy, but we will do everything possible to achieve the results ”.

Regarding the football expression of the team, Julio commented that “in the sense of the definition it is a reality, since we are here, the beginning of the games cost us a lot, against Nacional, Tolima and with Pereira we made merits to add a better result, We had options, but we did not specify them. It seems that scoring goals is easy, but it has cost us and it is very difficult ”.

Although he will continue fighting until he has the option to qualify, the Uruguayan coach spoke about the analysis he has had of the squad thinking about 2022, where he will have international participation in the South American Cup. “Personally, since I arrived, I have been evaluating individual and collective performances, determining needs. There are two lines; One is the preparation date by date and its results, then it is the one that leads to solutions in the organization for the future, it is something that we must manage better. Sustaining the results is always supported by an efficient organization, those who manage the institution make great efforts, but we must help them from our experience. We speak with the leaders and I have the feeling that we are going on a path of change that should be important”.

Finally, he analyzed the present of the team and its game situation in the last games. “I came here and I didn’t want to neglect the good that Medellín was doing, a very good team defensively, but they needed to elaborate to reach the opposite goal and it was difficult for them to score goals. Against Alianza Petrolera we took risks that we were not prepared for and we suffered. Those things are dreams that are had to improve and when we are not prepared, it is necessary to be careful. We come from playing the best game in attack against a great team like Pereira, we generate situations, we arrive with a lot of attack volume, recovering as quickly as possible, being compact, but that is football and I am left with the satisfaction that what one tries goes coming out. But with our needs, we are very hung up ”.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
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