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Hochheim – This sporty eye-catcher is a legendary parking lot for the eyes: world star Boris Becker (54) very casual, in an ox-red training suit!

The tennis legend is usually only seen in a shirt and jacket. Reason for the change of clothes: The 6-time Grand Slam champion opened the most modern tennis hall in the world named after him in Hochheim and initiated the second construction phase.

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Obviously Boris Becker has slimmed down because the jacket is one size too big. The former tennis professional: “I don’t weigh the scales anymore, but I’m fitter than I was a few years ago.”

Eight tennis courts are already finished and in use, and there should be a total of 22 courts

Photo: Vincenzo Mancuso

The balls are already flying on the first 5500 square meters of the “Boris Becker International Tennis Academy”.

Teaser picture

Boris Becker opened the “Boris Becker International Tennis Academy” in Hochheim near Frankfurt on Monday

Photo: Vincenzo Mancuso

Boris is thrilled: “I’ve been to several hundred tennis halls in my life and I’ve seen significantly worse ones. What matters is what is done on the pitch. This is a very modern system, good conditions have been created here. “

Teaser picture

Boris Becker and real estate entrepreneur Khaled Ezzedine cut the opening ribbon

Photo: Vincenzo Mancuso

Becker wants to be on site regularly and is an adviser: “It has to work out.” The proximity to his old home Leimen (BW) and the proximity to Frankfurt Airport (Becker lives in London) were decisive for the tennis star, a promise to the Wiesbaden maker of the academy, Khaled Ezzedine. The real estate entrepreneur is investing 20 million euros in the demanding project.

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Absolutely king! Absolutely Boris Becker, the greeting was a bit like a state act

Photo: Vincenzo Mancuso

The sports forge will continue to grow in the next few years – more playing areas, a hotel, a tennis stadium. The academy is not an elitist, it is intended for everyone.

Nevertheless: The young talent Selina Dal made it to the finals of the Wild Card Tournament of the ITF Tennis Tour in Hamburg in September and the U-15 juniors were able to secure the Hessenmeister title.

Becker daughter Anna Ermakova “I’ve been through difficult times”

Becker daughter Anna Ermakova:

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