Great goal by Frank Fabra with Boca Juniors to Sarmiento in Argentina; Cardona, figure

Frank Fabra was the author of the second goal after avoiding a rival with a tunnel, taking off another in the race and define with powerful finishing crossed and little angle.

Meanwhile, Edwin cardona set up the play for the first goal With a millimeter pass between the lines, he had a long-distance shot that crashed against the crossbar and handled the strings of the painting ‘Bocanse’.

For its part, Sebastian Villa moved on the attack front and almost scored, while Jorman Campuzanor complied in the containment zone.

With this result, Boca Juniors he continued in the fight for a place in the next Copa Libertadores and completed 3 wins online.

At the same time, it is the second consecutive game in which the 4 Colombian footballers star in a prominent role; the previous one was in the triumph 0-3 on Aldosivi.

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In video, the previous player and its great definition:

Edwin Cardona, figure with Boca Juniors

The Antioqueño started the first goal with a precise pass:

Here, his shot against the crossbar:




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