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Elias Antosch brings Bavarian U15 championship title to Holzkirchen

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Great success for Elias Antosch: The judoka from TuS Holzkirchen has won the Bavarian championship in the U15.

Holzkirchen – At the Upper Bavarian Judo Individual Championship for under-15s, all five participants from TuS Holzkirchen qualified for the Bavarian Championship. Now Elias Antosch and Benjamin Mutschler competed as Upper Bavarian champions, Lukas Mugaj as Upper Bavarian runner-up and Emilie Thiery and Korbinian Gritschneder as third place at the Bavarian championships in the German judo stronghold of Abensberg.

It went very well for Elias Antosch in the class up to 37 kilograms. He slipped through to the quarter-finals due to the absence of his first opponent. There, however, a very demanding participant from Munich-Großhadern, with a belt graduation two levels higher, was waiting for him. Antosch received a waza-ari, half a point, for his successful shoulder throw. Another body throw did not result in any evaluation, but the opponent was lying on his back on the mat in such a way that the TuS judoka only had to hold him for ten seconds at the premature end of the fight.

With the victory, the qualification for the South German Championship was done. In the semifinals, Antosch was able to fix his opponent in the ground on his back after a short fighting time despite physical inferiority – this time for 20 seconds. The final was reached and thus more than the Holzkirchner expected.

But that day he made everything possible. His final opponent from Augsburg he was able to throw spectacular seoi-nage, shoulder throw, in the first minute. There was a full point, ippon. That made Antosch the Bavarian champion.

Club mates miss qualifications for southern Germans

His club mate Lukas Mugaj started in the class up to 50 kilograms. It quickly became clear, however, that the category was dominated by participants from other government districts. The TuS judoka was able to gain experience at a higher judo level in two encounters. Due to his age, he can try again in 2022.

Korbinian Gritschneder got a top seeded participant from Northern Bavaria as third place in the Upper Bavarian Championship. He was able to make the first half of the fight time of three minutes evenly, but then had to admit defeat by an opponent’s body throw. With two wins in the consolation round, Holzkirchner secured seventh place. The only thing missing was one success to reach fifth place and thus qualify for the South German Championship. But he also has another chance in the U15 in 2022.

Emilie Thiery, born in 2009, the youngest year in the field, competed up to 57 kilograms. She was able to defeat her first opponent with 2: 1 Waza-ari, half a point, lost in round two and fought her way up to seventh place, but just lost the duel for fifth place in the “golden score”. mm

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