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“Border crossed” – Mainz coach Svensson angry after Cologne game

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During the game between Mainz 05 and 1. FC Köln there was a heated argument on the sidelines. FSV coach Svensson and his counterpart Baumgart have now spoken about it.

Mainz against Cologne – that was not a normal Bundesliga game this Sunday. Because the emotions boiled at 1: 1 – especially on the sidelines. After a good hour, Cologne’s assistant coach Kevin McKenna and his Mainz colleague Babak Keyhanfar clashed. And how! The “Sky” microphones could clearly hear the two shouting “Fuck off!”, “Get out of here” or “Shut up”.

Then there were also the head coaches Steffen Baumgart and Bo Svensson involved in the discussion – referee Deniz Aytekin had to intervene, struggling to smooth things over, especially between Svensson and McKenna.

And the Dane was still emotional after the game. “The point was that personal insults from the Cologne bank came in my direction before half-time,” said Svensson. The reason: “They collectively called for red against Stefan Bell and I spoke to him about that and he insulted me. That was one of the reasons why the situation escalated so much.” Svensson continues: “I think a limit has been crossed.”

“We had a nice chat”

The 42-year-old was unforgiving: “I don’t have to get on with anyone who insults me personally. I can take a lot of things that are said in the heat of the game. However, Svensson also emphasized: “However, Steffen was not a problem.”

“Steffen” saw the situation a little more relaxed. “We had a nice chat. Emotions are part of it, there was a lot going on for both teams. We both got yellow and that settles the issue To shake hands. “


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