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What trade could the Cowboys make to bolster their defense?

by archysport

Next November 2 is the deadline for the trade window in the NFL. During these days, many teams will be looking to make deals to bring in reinforcements in needed positions. And the Cowboys are no exception. Even Jerry Jones, owner and general manager of the team, left the door open to possible incorporations.

It is true that the cowboy team has a fairly powerful roster, and that it is currently a candidate to reach the Super Bowl. However, some defense positions urgently need reinforcements. And, ideally, the player who arrives is someone who makes a difference and ratifies Dallas as a contender for the NFL final.

In other words, you are looking for someone who has an impact similar to that of Charles Haley in 1992.

That year, Charles Haley came to the cowboy team from the 49ers. Originally playing linebacker, Haley was moved to defensive end on the Cowboy team. And his production that season was very good: 39 tackles, two forced fumbles, six sacks and 39 pressures to the quarterback. In fact, he was the team leader in this section.

In this way, Haley made an immediate impact on the Cowboys defense. After ranking # 17 in 1991, she became the best in the NFL in 1992. This, in addition, was vital for the Cowboys to emerge as candidates to win the Super Bowl. Which eventually happened in that season.

Now, with a team that is truly dazzling, Dallas may need a player who takes defense to another level. And this can come through a trade. Here are some names whose arrival could have a major impact on the Cowboys’ aspirations.

Marcus Maye (deep)

According to several reporters, a candidate could be Marcus Maye. The current Jets safety would be a good candidate to reinforce Dallas’ secondary line of defense, which is its weakest point. And while the Jets aren’t doing very well this season, Maye has maintained a good production so far: 35 tackles combined, three tackles for loss of yards, a hit to the quarterback, two passes defended and a sack. All in four games.

In fact, Maye is coming off her best season as a professional. In 2020, the free safety recorded 88 combined tackles, four tackles for loss of yards, 11 passes defended, two hits to the quarterback, two sacks, two forced fumbles and two interceptions, all in 16 games. This, it is worth mentioning, playing for the NFL’s 24th defense last year. And not forgetting that the Jets finished the season with a 2-14 record.

Now, Marcus Maye seems ready to try his hand at a more competitive team. In fact, sources say that a couple of weeks ago the safety asked to be traded. Besides, Maye stands out for not having allowed annotations so far this season when she has been the target in coverage. This undoubtedly adds many points to him as a potential Dallas reinforcement.

Bryce Callahan (cornerback)

As we said before, the backline is the weakest point in the Cowboys defense. Right now, Trevon Diggs is the player who has made the difference, while the other defensive backs have had their complications. Of course, the focus is on Anthony Brown’s cornerback position. And while Kelvin Joseph will be back soon after his injury, Dallas may be looking for someone with more experience.

Therefore, a possible candidate would be Bryce Callahan. The former Bears came to the Broncos last season, leaving the following numbers: 42 combined tackles, one tackle for loss of yards, five passes defended, two sacks, two interceptions and one fumble recovered, all in ten games.

This year, Callahan is taking a backup role in Denver following the arrival of rookie Patrick Surtain II. Therefore, the player would not frown upon a trade to a team where he can play more. At 30, Callahan can still be an impact player, and perhaps he could make a good cornerback tandem alongside Trevon Diggs.

Joe Haden (cornerback)

Another possible reinforcement for the cornerback position in Dallas would be Joe Haden. At 32 years old, the current Steelers player could be the veteran presence Dallas pretended to have on its secondary line this offseason. Besides, Haden has good leadership skills, and this is something that never hurts in a team, even if he already has several leaders.

Last season, Haden dropped these numbers: 52 combined tackles, two tackles for loss of yards, 12 passes defended and two interceptions, all in 14 games. And so far this 2020 season, the veteran cornerback has had 20 combined tackles, two passes defended and one forced fumble.

Despite his age, Haden has managed to maintain starting status in Pittsburgh, even this year. Without a doubt, this adds points to him when it comes to considering him as a possible reinforcement for the Dallas secondary line.

Michael Brockers (tackle defensivo)

Although the back line is the part of the defense that needs to be reinforced the most, Dallas may also require an additional defensive tackle. Although rookie Osa Odighizuwa has done a good job and Neville Gallimore is close to returning from his injury, the Cowboy team would need someone else in this position. This, of course, if you decide to dispense with Trysten Hill once he returns from his injury.

One defensive tackle that could come via trade would be Michael Brockers. In his 30s, the current Lions player can be an immediate impact player on Dallas’ defensive line, especially when defending on the ground. Besides, and after having reached the Detroit team this year, the veteran may seek to change of scene again.

In 2020 with the Rams, Brockers recorded 51 combined tackles, 5 tackles for loss of yards, 10 quarterbacks and 5 sacks. So far in 2021, with the Lions, he has 21 combined tackles, three tackles for loss of yards, a hit to the quarterback and a sack. Therefore, he is a player with good production. However, it remains to be seen whether Dallas makes a trade for a position that could have coverage with those who return after injury.

There is just under a week to go until the NFL trade window closes, and anything could happen. Because of this, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Cowboys decide to shore up their defense with a reinforcement from another team. However, it remains to be seen whether the cowboy team opts for this or to trust the players on their current roster.

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