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VIDEO⟩ Westbrook forges “Lakers” victory in extra time – Basketball

by archysport

The Los Angeles Lakers outperformed the Spurs 125: 121 (27:29, 34:33, 24:35, 29:17, 11: 7).

Anthony Davis scored 35 points and won 17 rebounds and Russell Westbrook added 33 points and ten rebounds.

Westbrook scored 15 of his points in the fourth quarter and overtime.

James suffered a minor right ankle injury in Sunday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies, so he didn’t go on the first out of the season to avoid aggravating the injury.

For the fifth time in his career in the “Spurs” ranks, Dežonte Marejs accumulated a double-digit number in three statistics, who scored 21 points, played 15 times and won 12 rebounds.

With 27 points, the most productive in the “Spurs” ranks was Jacob Petls, who also won 14 rebounds. Lony Volker showed the best performance of the season with 21 points.

The third victory in three games was won by the Utah “Jazz”, using Nikolas Jokiča away from the field due to injury.

The Jazz defeated the Denver Nuggets with a score of 122: 110 (35:31, 31:33, 25:26, 31:20).

Nič’s most valuable player Jokičs had scored 24 points in the first 15 minutes of the game, but then left the field because of a collision with Rūdija Gobēru on the right knee.

Gober scored 23 points and won 16 rebounds and Donovan Mitchell added another 22 points.

In the Nuggets, Will Barton scored 21 points and 20 points for Aaron Gordon.

The Golden State Warriors continue their losses in the new season, beating the Oklahoma City Thunder in their fourth game with a result of 106: 98 (29:34, 19:25, 33:17, 25:22).

Stefan Curry scored 23 points, 21 points for Andrew Wiggins, and Demion Lee added another 20 points.

The Thunder, who have not yet won the middle of the game in the new NBA season, were in the lead with 11 points, increasing their lead to 12 points in the middle of the third quarter, but the Warriors increased the pressure and won.

In the ranks of Oklohomasitija, the most productive with 30 points was Shej Žilžess – Aleksandrs.

After 15 lost games, the New York Knicks finally beat the Philadelphia 76ers.

The game ended in New York with a score of 112:99 (23:26, 39:16, 28:30, 22:27). The Knicks favored 19 points for Kemb Volker, while the 76ers scored 23 points for Tobias Harris.

It has already been reported that Latvian basketball player Kristaps Porziņģis scored nine points in the NBA match on Tuesday, but left the game prematurely due to a minor back injury. His Dallas Mavericks defeated the Houston Rockets 116: 106 (27:31, 30:29, 34:28, 25:18).


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