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Toulouse – Pau live – Season 2021/2022 – Top 14

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COMING SOON: Start of live: 10/09/2021 at 4:50 PM

IN PROGRESS: Updated at 17:48

ENDED: End of live:

at 17:48

Half-time in Toulouse!

The referee Adrien Marbot whistles the end of this first period. To everyone’s surprise, it was Pau who led the score (7-0) to Ernest Wallon. The Toulousains were too messy on the offensive phases and lost a lot of balls. Opposite, the section plays without pressure and could even have worsened the score by passing more penalties.

at 17:44

Balloon once again lost by Toulouse and Pau can be released. (40 ‘)

at 17:43

Antoine Dupont finds a superb touch in the 22 meters of Pau very close to the in-goal! (40 ‘)

at 17:42

On a ruck, the ball is well contested by the Palois who launch the counter-attack. Debaes tried to turn the game around on the right side but no one called. Ball recovered by Toulouse (39 ‘)

at 17:40

Big opportunity for Toulouse!

Yannick Youyoutte crosses the Pau line but does not manage to flatten the ball! It was hot for Pau! (37 ‘)

at 17:38

The Toulousains are very close to the Pau goal but the section defends well and the Béarn players quickly get on the ball carrier. The reds and blacks lose the ball but the referee returns to a penalty which will be played by hand (36 ‘)

at 17:36

Touch to follow for Toulouse. The reds and blacks recover the ball then the penalty in stride. It will be a penalty. (34 ‘)

at 17:34

Penalty missed for Pau!

Thibault Debaes still misses the target. The kick to be played was far enough from the poles and slightly off-center. Still 7-0. (32 ‘)

at 17:33

On a missed transmission, the Palois manage to ward off the danger and push back the Toulouse who concede a new penalty on the ground in their camp (30 ‘)

at 17:31

The Pau recover the ball in touch but the ball is buried and finally returned to Toulouse (28 ‘)

at 17:28

Many approximations on the Toulouse side. On a game at the foot of again missed, the Pau, through Dumoulin, recover and manage to find a touch far from their goal. (26 ‘)

at 17:26

Opportunity for Toulouse!

On a touch lost by the Palois, the Toulousains launched an offensive on the right side. Médard shifts his teammate but he has crossed the sideline and will not be able to go in the in-goal of Pau (23 ‘)

at 17:24

The Palois manage to free themselves but the ball remains in the air of play. The Stade Toulousain starts again on the attack and Romain Ntamack tries again a game with the foot on the left side but the defense of Pau once again controls the situation. A little too much rush on the Toulouse side (22 ‘)

at 17:22

In front of Tolofua on the sidelines. Melee introduction to Pau to follow. (21 ‘)

at 17:21

Long phase of Toulouse game but the transmissions are too long. Pau’s defense held up well but was ultimately penalized. Maxime Médard finds a penalty kick a few meters from the in-goal (20 ‘)

at 17:19

Ball intercepted by Toulouse, Antoine Dupont tries to launch Arthur Bonneval with a clever kick but the defense of Pau manages to get out. Touch to follow for Toulouse. (17 ‘)

at 17:18

Penalty missed for Pau

The Toulouse pillar, Rodrigue Neti is penalized and offers a kick to Thibaut Debaes. The young opener catapults the ball to the left of the poles. Still 7-0 for Pau (16 ‘)

at 17:16

Melee introduction Toulouse

The Toulouse captain, Antoine Dupont positions the ball in the scrum but the latter is lost by the stadists. The introduction goes in favor of Pau (14 ‘)

at 17:13

Test transformed!

The transformation goes smoothly for Debaes. 7-0 for the Pau!

at 17:12

Test for Pau !!!

On a Toulouse attack phase, Thibault Debaes springs and intercepts the ball! The Béarn opener just has to slip behind the line to flatten! (11 ‘)

at 17:10

Penalty missed for Pau!

Thibault Debaes had the opportunity to open the scoring for the section but his kick hit the right post (9 ‘).

at 17:10

Change to Toulouse

Arnold, bleeding after contact gives way to Flament

at 17:08

Second change for Pau!

Second exit for injury on the pallois side! This time it is Daubagna, hit after a tackle on Dupont who must give way to Levon.

at 17:06

Key to play for Toulouse. The reds and blacks retain possession but the Pallois eventually recover. (6 ‘)

at 17:05

Change to Pau

Hit by an action, Guillaume Ducat must give way to Daniel Ramsey.

at 17:04

The Pallois intercept the ball and try to launch an offensive but the Toulouse defense holds and recovers the ball. Ntamack tries to find a touch but the ball is taken back to the Pallois (4 ‘).

at 5:00 p.m.

It’s gone to Toulouse!

The referee of the meeting kicks off this match of the 6th day of Top 14!

at 16:59

Entry of the two teams on the lawn!

The two teams make their debut on the lawn of the Ernest Wallon stadium.

at 16:55

The composition of the Stade Toulousain

at 16:54

The leader welcomes the Palois authors of an excellent start to the season

Toulouse, author of a clear round with five victories in as many games since the opening of the championship, receives a formation from Pau which has made a very good impression since the resumption, being undefeated at home, in the Top 6 of the standings before the first matches of this day.

at 16:51

Hello everyone

Welcome to Figaro.fr to follow the match of the sixth day of the Top 14 between Toulouse and Pau.


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