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The previous meeting was held for the UABC 2021 Games

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Editorial staff / EL VIGA
Mexicali, B. C.

The meeting was chaired by Abelardo Antonio Beltrón de la Fuente, in his capacity as State Coordinator of Physical Activity and Sports, who informed those present of the reason for the meeting, which focused on publicizing the official state folder of the XXXVII UABC 2021 University State Sports Games, where the needs by campus for November 5 and 12 of this year were mentioned, in addition to food, arbitration, transportation, hydration and minor operating expenses, as well as places and schedules of competition by venues, in the same way the technical annexes were read by sports discipline in team sports and categories to be carried out, places and times of competition by venues in individual sports.
The XXXVII UABC 2021 University State Sports Games event will have its first date on November 5, hosting team sports. In Mexicali; baseball, association soccer, fence soccer, softball, tochito and beach volleyball. While in Ensenada, basketball and indoor volleyball.
On the day of November 12; Individual sports will take place, with athletics, boxing, karate do, weightlifting and tennis venues on the Mexicali campus, badminton, judo, taekwondo and archery on the Tijuana campus and 3×3 basketball and table tennis, Ensenada.
It should be noted that the event may be canceled if the state’s epidemiological traffic light turns orange or red, also as stipulated by the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous University of Baja California. The games will be held behind closed doors in sports facilities and spaces of the UABC and all athletes, coaches, technical managers and support personnel must wear face masks before and during their transfers to the venues of their competitions, in the same way they must wear it, before , during and after the event as required by the installation.
With this event, the official flag will be given for the return to competitions of the Cimarrones, who will seek to prepare for the events convened by the National Council of Sports for Education, AC.

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