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The Drouais club organized a tournament

by archysport

The BCRD, the badminton club of the Drouaise region, organized this weekend its fourth doubles tournament entitled “La Doublette drouaise”.

Two hundred and fifteen players were present over the two days at the Courtois gymnasium to the great satisfaction of President Pascal Labro and his team. Thirty club volunteers were mobilized for the success of this successful organization. This event is in line with the start of the BCRD season.

140 more licensees

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“We already have a hundred and forty licensees, more than last year, and we will surely go up to 160”. Difference with the other years, the renewal usually of 40% which will pass there the 50%.

“We have more new ones. Some players have lost the habit of coming to badminton and others have decided to move during confinement and come to register. We also feel a strong desire to compete, a real craze. “

At the sporting level, the club is in the reconstruction phase. “We will not have regional teams but four in the department. “Among young people, the club is full with forty-five registrants trained by Marjolaine Herrbach of Profession Sport.

Practice. Badminton is practiced every evening from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Viollette-Courtois complex in Les Bâtes in addition to Saturdays from 1 to 5 p.m.


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