The Covirán bitter the premiere of Real Valladolid Basketball

UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto fell to Covirán Granada despite dominating one of the category’s giants throughout the game, but a final 9-26 embittered the premiere of Roberto González

The victory escaped in the last quarter for UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto (78-82). The Blanquivioleta, who dominated throughout the match, gave in in the last quarter (9-26) to a Covirán Granada who did not give up and embittered the premiere of Pucela and Roberto González.

And the season premiere couldn’t have started better for UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto. Roberto González’s painting signed a formidable staging and, as he warned in the previous one, he made his identity clear: the defense. On the other side of the court, in addition, Justin Tafari Raffington and Jordy Kuiper wreaked havoc (eight and seven points, respectively) to give Pucela the first advantages (16-12).

Real Valladolid Basketball – Covirán Granada. – Photo: @RVBaloncesto

Due to the intense defense of the locals, Alec Wintering was able to run and make the Valladolid people fly to punish the Nasrids on the counterattack. Furthermore, in static, Pisuerga’s team maintained order and disarmed Covirán Granada to hit in the first round (27-23).

As if that were not enough, the great staging of the Blanquivioleta continued during the first half. With the second unit on the track, UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto took another step forward in defense and, in the second period, it was led by Sergio de la Fuente and Alec Wintering. The Castilians became strong in the paint and, in addition to forcing Petit Niang’s third personal foul, they began to take second and third options to keep the income in their favor (39-34), according to the media of the Valladolid club.

Pablo Pin’s men improved and also began to find their offensive references, but seven almost consecutive points from Alec Wintering (11 points and a PIR of 19 in the first half) took off at Pucela. The small American base directed, flew and executed at pleasure to put the maximum Blanquivioleta and take the game to rest (48-36). The UEMC, at an outstanding level, led the finalist for the promotion of last season.

10 minutes condemn the locals

To open the second half, Roberto González chose to play with his two bases on the court, an adjustment that knocked out Covirán Granada. The UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto, with good transitions and playing smoothly, made it clear that it had well-oiled machinery and it worked to the tune of Alec Wintering and Melwin Pantzar. If one attended the other scored and vice versa, which led the locals to have an advantage of 16 points, but it was not enough.

The Pucela faced the last quarter with 69-56 in his favor and displaying a high-karat basketball against one of the roosters in the category. But the blackout came. Covirán Granada raised the physical level of the game and several controversial decisions got the visitors into the game, who were increasingly stalking the Castilians.

A partial 0-7 favorable to the Andalusians forced Roberto González to request a time-out with 72-64 on the scoreboard, but this time it was not enough to revive his pupils. On this occasion, the option of playing with two bases did not dislodge the Nasrids, who had the success that Pucela lacked in critical moments. A missed triple by Davis Geks, who had previously scored four, followed by three points that Pere Tomàs did score, ended up sinking some and revitalizing others. The cross, thus, was for the Blanquivioleta.

Despite trying until the last minute, the Granadans defended all the attempts of a UEMC Real Valladolid that missed the game in 10 minutes and after 30 brilliants against one of the best teams in the category. The final result was 78-82 after the free throw carousel that certified Pucela’s bitter debut in the 2021/2022 season.


(78) UEMC Real Valladolid Basketball: Alec Wintering (21), Davis Geks (16), Sylvester Berg Pedersen (4), Jordy Kuiper (5), Justin Tafari Raffington (10) -the starting five-. They also played: Fernando Revilla Val (-), Juan García-Abril (0), Jaan Puidet (0), Melwin Pantzar (3), Sergio de la Fuente (11) and Kavion Pippen (8).

(82) Covirán Granada: Germán Martínez (0), Lluís Costa (14), Thomas Bropleh (16), Jacobo Díaz (), Petit Niang (4) -the starting five-. They also played: Edu Gatell (2), Christian Díaz (8), Pere Tomàs (21), David Iriarte (2) and James Ellisor (7).

Partial: 27-23, 21-13 (48-36), 21-20 (69-56) and 9-26 (78-82 final).

Referees: By Lucas De Lucas, Caamaño Muñoz and Benavente Parra.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the first day of the LEB Oro league, played at the Pisuerga Sports Center on Friday, October 8, before about 1,300 spectators.



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