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Superman’s bisexuality creates a schism in Brazilian sports: “Let’s continue like this and we’ll see where we end up”

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Ethe player Maurcio Souza, Olympic champion with the Brazilian volleyball team, was suspended this Tuesday by his club for a homophobic comment on the announced superman’s bisexuality that generated the rejection of sponsors and colleagues in the profession.

The Minas Tennis Club made the determination to remove his player after two of the main sponsors, the companies Gerdau and Fiat, publicly pressured the board to take “measures” in the short term to settle the matter.

It all started with a post of Maurcio Souza on his Instagram profile in which he complained about Superman being bisexual in the new installment of the DC comics that will be published next month.

“Ah, it’s just a drawing, it’s not a big deal … Let’s continue like this and see where we end up,” he said in a comment that has been branded as homofbo and that, however, received the support of other important names in volleyball. brazilian, like Wallace and Sidao.

Days later, his teammate from the Brazilian team responded indirectly through the same platform. Douglas Souza, who openly acknowledged his homosexuality.

The controversy continues

“It’s funny that I didn’t ‘go straight’ seeing male superheroes kissing women? … If an image like that worries you, I’m sorry but I have a news for your fragile heterosexuality haha ​​There will be a kiss, yes. Thank you DC for thinking about representing us all and not just one part, “he said.

The clash between the two Olympic players generated a huge impact on social networks, although Maurcio Souza maintained his position in another message: “I keep my beliefs, values ​​and ideas.” The two played together at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and won gold at Ro 2016.

The matter was revived this Tuesday with the rejection notes of Fiat and Gerdau to the lukewarm response of the club, which on Monday stated that it respected the opinion of each one, but that it did not accept homophobic manifestations from the club’s players.

“Fiat repudiates any type of statement that promotes hatred, exclusion or diminishment of the human person and hopes that the institution will take the pertinent and necessary measures in the shortest possible space of time,” stated the vehicle brand.

Finally, under pressure from the sponsors, Minas decided to suspend Maurcio Souza indefinitely, demanding a correction and the payment of a fine.


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