Home baseball “Such a team can’t win.” Miura’s ally Hiroki Nomura evaluates DeNA’s season and challenges to escape from the bottom ――Professional baseball ――Number Web

“Such a team can’t win.” Miura’s ally Hiroki Nomura evaluates DeNA’s season and challenges to escape from the bottom ――Professional baseball ――Number Web

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The harsh reality that was struck.

The Yokohama DeNA BayStars, who have been competing for the climax series in recent years, sank to the bottom for the first time in six years in the 2021 season with Daisuke Miura, the team’s long-time commander.

“As is often said from before, it was a big factor that the main foreign players were delayed in coming to Japan due to the corona disaster. During that time, there were 10 consecutive losses and I was hurt by my nose. Also, the opening rotation was a track record. I had no choice but to use the poor rookie Taisei Irie, young Masaya Kyoyama, and Kosuke Sakaguchi. However, I don’t think it was easy to rewind after losing in a row. “

Looking back on DeNA this season, Hiroki Nomura, an alumnus of the baseball team and a baseball critic. Director Miura, who is four years younger, is a companion who ate the same pot of rice that experienced the best in Japan in 1998, and he spends a period of time not only as the same pitcher but also as a coach and a player.

Times on base does not lead to points

Before the opening of the season, coach Miura had set “scoring ability” as the theme of the team, but although he was second in the league with 559 points this season, he was more than 50 points behind the top Yakult. It can be seen that although there were many 30% batters with the first batter Masayuki Kuwahara, Keita Sano, Tyler Austin, Toshiro Miyazaki, and rookie Shugo Maki, who were the top batters last year, they could not make an efficient attack. ..

“I was paying attention to what kind of baseball I would play, but what was remarkable was that the number of bunts increased to the same level as other teams (81 sacrifice hits) compared to the time of former coach Ramirez. Baseball that moves players However, I wasn’t satisfied with the other parts. It was until then that there were no players who could run, but the stolen base is the league worst (31 stolen bases), and it is not possible to advance the runner efficiently, including the end run. Situation. I couldn’t score even if I got on the base, so I had to think a little more about the steel part other than the bunt. “

Although Miura showed a move to entangle his legs, he did not succeed and the play was conspicuous.

“I think so. It’s good to try aggressively, but if you make mistakes, the probability will naturally be low. It’s a severe situation where victory or defeat is involved, and no matter how aggressive you try, it must be successful. For example, both the instructing side and the player side are losing confidence. In that sense, there was a place that was becoming less vivid. “

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