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Sizasport.tv: the spotlight for the lower house kicker shines brighter

by archysport

“The professionals get enough attention anyway. I focus on the lower house because, as a player, I was always happy when someone was reported”, Silvio Zanchetta told SALZBURG24 exactly a year ago.

Soccer fields are Zanchetta’s second living room

Exactly 365 days after the presentation of his first documentation the ex-goalie sums up: “The feedback is really great and makes me proud,” the 34-year-old told his media partner S24 on Monday.

Since the restart in the regional league and the Salzburg league, the native of Hallein has produced 25 highlight videos in eleven weeks. There are also some portraits and preliminary reports. The soccer field has become his second living room. “It’s really a lot of work, but I really enjoy doing it,” emphasized the photo merchant who lives in Oberalm (until 2005). For his passion to ask the hobby athletes in front of the camera, the Tennengau resident even gave up his job as an office worker.

Sleep is a rare commodity on weekends

“The step back to the roots and to football simply fulfills me. I will soon be expanding my team and bringing a photographer on board,” said the man from Tennengau. The freshly baked family man of two needs around four to six hours to pack his raw material into a video. “I often work night shifts so that I can publish the game the next morning.” His little daughter Sarah-Emilia has been making the former goalkeeper’s life even more colorful since the beginning of September. “As a result, the hours of sleep have become less on the weekend, but I can take it.”

The short videos including player interviews are financed by advertisements. “I am currently in the process of extending the contracts with the sponsors or am looking for even larger companies that want to participate in our project. It is going very well,” added Zanchetta in conclusion.

(Source: SALZBURG24)

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