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Peláez column: Cases | THE VIEWER

by archysport

31 Oct 2021 – 2:00 a. m.

This short essay on cases in our football is perhaps a way of explaining the things that happen. The first case is based on the desire of Juan Carlos Osorio, the current coach of America, to rapidly climb to the highest peaks of world football. He is fortunate and cannot be deceived, since he has already led national teams: Mexico in 52 games, with a performance of almost 70%, and Paraguay, where he worked for five months. He gained experience in Brazilian soccer through Sao Paulo and won six titles with Nacional in Colombia. And one with Once Caldas. He met jobs in Manchester City and went through the New York Red Bulls. You already knew what it is to be in a World Cup.

So what is the problem? His desires to go quickly in the exercise of his profession, it seems to me, give him a certain instability, in addition to his hot reactions, if his statements are reviewed. I know that his great goal is to one day be able to lead the national team and guide Deportivo Pereira, where he started out as a footballer. He doesn’t seem to have the patience and lacks the peace of mind to digest the bad results. He is studious and one of the most capable, although anguish sometimes invades his spirit. I know that I would like to work in the long term with ambitious projects, in contrast to the reality of our football, in which, for example, in today’s America, immediate results are required.

The second case is supported by an appearance by Rafael Dudamel at a press conference, to explain and justify the result of his team, Deportivo Cali. Once the incident is over, his example spreads. Alexis García, a counselor from La Equidad, appeared with a cell phone in hand, where game actions were being seen. According to him, the judge stopped sanctioning two penalties in his favor. It seems like an insignificant detail. However, it is a message for the referees themselves, who are now watched by the VAR and so many other technological devices. Every day, many technicians and the same players will expose moments of the game that generate controversy. The door opened by Dudamel, many will have the option to enter through it.

The third case happened this week in the Flamengo-Paranaense game, in the Maracaná, where the local ended up blanked (0-3), while the fans sang in reference to Jorge Jesus, a Portuguese coach with enormous success in the team. Several observers noted: “In the practices of the team led by Renato Gaucho, many exercises of collective play and reduced space are carried out, but tactical exercises are ignored which, according to them, affect the functioning of the team.” Each technician has his work style and that is respectable. Some will do better than others and all of them know the limitations of their groups of footballers and the burdens or demands to which they must be subjected.


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