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Paddle tennis and online betting: is it possible to bet on paddle tennis?

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Currently, paddle tennis is a racket sport that sets a trend in Europe and America. In addition to, of course, following his path of popularity in countries such as Spain and Argentina.

This upward trend matures the idea of ​​being included in the betting markets of some casinos and bookmakers.

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At the moment it is not possible to bet on paddle tennis in apostarenlinea.cl but to bet on other racket sports such as tennis or badminton if there is availability, with a diverse and very wide market.

For those who still do not know our sport well and have come to PadelStar to find out and learn more about paddle tennis, we tell you some curiosities.

What is paddle tennis and where can I play it?

At present it has become popular all over the planet, and even in many cities and capitals of the world they are beginning to be observed in urbanizations, parks and gyms. It is a very dynamic sport that has caught on in the sympathies of the young and “not so young” around the world. It is a sport that causes and accumulates endless curiosity.

It is known that since the 1890s, English sailors and boat crews began to play paddle tennis as a distraction during long voyages. The game as it is known today, that is, modern paddle tennis originated in Mexico in the 70s of the last century. The so-called father of paddle tennis: Enrique Corcuera, an enterprising Mexican, added a front wall to a playing court very similar to that of tennis, and closed the sides with nets, so that the balls would not get lost. This idea arose from the lack of space to build a tennis court.

Where did the word paddle come from?

The term is a Spanish adaptation of the Anglo-Saxon term “Paddle” which translates as racket. Its popularity has reached the point, that in 2014 the RAE or Royal Spanish Academy accepted it as a term of common use, naming itself Pádel.

A curious fact: it is not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts in Padel sports matches, but its scoring method continues to be the same as in tennis and the tennis ball is used for both sports. They only differ in that paddle balls have 0.06 atm less pressure, so that they bounce less than tennis balls.

Several attempts have been made to include it as an Olympic sport, but so far its inclusion has not been achieved. There are already official and world matches and championships in the world, in these matches the balls must be changed after playing 9 times, with the aim that the rebound and pressure conditions remain optimal and the game mechanism does not change.

What are the measures of the paddle racket?

The following measures have been established as maximum measurements for a paddle racket:

  • Racket length: 45.5 cms.
  • Racket width: 26 cms.
  • Profile thickness: 38 mm.

So far its regulations do not allow its performance as an individual sport, in what differs from tennis. According to history, his image was associated with the highest and powerful classes as a Spanish aristocrat named Alfonso de Hohenlohe brought him from America on one of his trips and his dynamic game quickly spread throughout the Costa del Sol. At the highest social levels, today the youth have taken it as their own, which is why it has become democratized.

Why hasn’t the IOC included it as an Olympic sport?

The International Olympic Committee among its regulations requires that for a sport to be included it must be present (with reliable evidence) in at least 3 countries on 3 continents for its inclusion as a female sport and in the same way for the male modality it must be at least 40 countries on 3 continents. In addition to being subject to a majority vote.

The objective that the different federations of different countries have set is to be part of the European meetings of the coming year 2023, for which their official candidacy has already been postulated.

The Universal Exhibition of Seville in 1992 was the stage that Spain organized for the first meeting of the Paddle World Championship, with a parallel venue in Madrid, at the legendary La Moreleja Golf Club in Alcobendas. The success of this meeting has been of such magnitude that it has toured its headquarters in Canada, Mexico, Portugal, France, Argentina. Repeating in Madrid and debuting in Palma, Murcia.

The paddle is here to stay and the bettors are still attentive.


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