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NBA veteran Jamal Crawford silences LeBron James and Stephen Curry with massive Michael Jordan claim

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Jamal Crawford is one of the luckiest players in NBA history. Since playing against Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, who are arguably members of a “Mount Rushmore of NBA Basketball”.

Still, Crawford thinks comparing Michael Jordan to anyone is disrespectful to him. Quite simply because whoever we compare him to has flaws, which implies that Jordan just doesn’t have any. Well, Crawford is right. The Clippers’ ball-handling magician played the early years of his career against Michael Jordan. First in pick-up games and then when Jordan returned to the NBA with the Wizards.

According to Landon Buford, Jamal Crawford said this about Michael Jordan when he hosted his Twitter Space tonight.

Crawford on Michael Jordan’s disrespect in GOAT debate

The discussion of who is the greatest player of all time is still a hot topic in the NBA community. And the most common name in this discussion is Michael Jordan. Given that Jordan is arguably responsible for putting the NBA on the world map, his accomplishments cannot go unnoticed in this debate.

Crawford considers Jordan’s game to be flawless and comparing him to anyone is questionable. So no matter what the big guys do, Crawford has a fixed answer for who is the biggest of all.

This is clearly a biased opinion since Crawford viewed Jordan as a mentor and had a personal relationship with him. Since Crawford has played a lot of pickup games with Jordan during his rookie season, he knows Jordan personally. Plus, he thanks Jordan for helping him gain confidence on the pitch. So that’s his own opinion on the debate.

Nevertheless, is Jamal right? Did Michael Jordan have any flaws in his game?

Did Jordan have any faults on the basketball court?

As Michael Jordan dominated the league in the 90s, while his competition was highest in the 80s, he always failed. It took a season full of injuries to the Bad Boy Pistons and HIV for Magic Johnson to unleash the Michael Jordan era.

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Still, Jordan had no flaws on either the defensive or the attacking side of the pitch. It’s by getting overly critical that one could argue that Jordan didn’t shoot and convert that many threes. However, his scoring production was more often than not sufficient to secure his team’s victory and earn them ten league scoring titles.

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